Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lots of stuff, no pictures

Good Stuff~
Go here for a great contest! It ends today so hurry up already!
They have karioke at knitting on Tuesday nights... gotta listen to Megadeth for the week (yes this guy has everything...except Dead Milkmen)
Jenny & Michelle liked thier birthday presents (I think)
I am not running into work until later!!!
I finished a Christmas present last night!

Bad Stuff~
HWWTS&J and I had a big argument...bigger than anything else before...I think things are okay now, but I was pretty upset. He is probably the person that I am closest to and trust more than anyone else and last night was pretty bad. Hopefully, today will be better!
SP6- still some deadbeats...not nice people!!! Don't make me flame you on my blog!!! (and trust me, I can be catty like that....when provoked, er... or not)
SET Socks...they are coming...please forgive me. I signed up when I had no job and sat on my ass knitting all day everyday.

Must concentrate...take shower and go to work.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I am here to let you know....

I will not have pictures directly on my blog any longer! You will have to click links. I think that my blog was getting all wonky because of the pictures, so we will try it another way :) I hope this is a little more pleasing!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Still Cleaning the Old Blog

Please be patient with me! I am anal and need my blog to be neat and tidy. So we are under construction and hopefully I don't mess up the whole thing!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

I did some shopping, but not the shopping you are thinking of...

I had bought some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool a few days ago, and right after I bought it (I thought I would make some fingerless gloves) I received an email from the shop I bought it from A Stitch In Time. Today and tomorrow they are having a 20% off sale (everything in the shop). So I bought enough to make the Hourglass Sweater! I will be waiting until I have finished my other stuff though :)
And for proof, here is my list of things I need to finish before I start anything else:

  1. SET Socks
  2. Ornamental Ornament (It is almost done, already!)
  3. My Dad's Birthday Present (yes, I know, his birthday was in August)
  4. Fingerless Mitts for Xmas pressies

Then it will be Hourglass Heaven! NO Finishing! Woohoo!!!

Well, it is time to finish cleaning the area for the Christmas Tree!

You gotta see this!!!

go ahead and click the link!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is my list of things I am thankful for:

  1. My Children (yes, even when they are bad :) )
  2. My Husband (even when he is barking)
  3. My New "MOM"
  4. My friends
  5. My yarn stash (I am trying to go on a Yarn Diet, it isn't working though)
  6. My health ( I am understanding that even with the little things, I am much healthier than alot of other people)
  7. My family
  8. For Someplace nice to live
  9. Anything else that I may have forgotten

Happy Thanksgiving! And if you are of the praying type...Please pray for those that are serving our matter your views on the war. Thanks.

Snarkyness will continue tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Insert Clever Title Here (just not up to thinking this morning)

So Here I sit trying to figure out what Mom was going to tell me. (No, not psycho mom, to those who know me...I've got a new mom and she's great!) I am baffled, please send me an email or call me, Mom!

OMGosh, I almost forgot....I found the pattern for my SET socks, fear not pal, I will only be knitting for you, until they are done, and I will make up for my tardiness!

I am beginning to think that non-knitting leads to a very cranky Shteeni! Need to knit, Need to knit!! And it is Hat City Scissor Squad Night, woohoo, just what I need!

D came down this morning and she has Poison Ivy all over her face! I guess it is time for us to go to the doctor. (BTW, I tried the Aveno Bath and it was wonderful while I was in it, the minute I got out, I was in pain and itching...yuck!) I have been trying to protect my clothing by putting guaze on the really large patches on my legs. I had major ooozing last night, so I don't think it helped. I guess I will be putting alcohol in my laundry!

We got a Turkey last night. HWWTS&J wanted a butterball (anyone care to guess why? There may be something in it for you~and I could use some laughs today) He also got like 5 different pies...mind you, we are both trying to lose weight...geesh.

I was trying to be nice over the weekend and was making small talk with my friend's husband (or something). And he came out with, "I wouldn't want to be on your bad side" and I promptly told him that he should be nicer then. And I got "What do I care, I am only here for another 45 days" to which, he got, Alot of damage can be done in 45 days, dear. He's such a jackass. I hate when people are dumb that don't have to be, they are just lazy. Lazy, dumb and Mean! Oh friend of mine, you need to change the locks! Feed him some ground glass or something.

Gosh the crankiness abounds here at Chez shteeni. Better go, before I get nasty anonymous messages here too!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Can't Wait for Wednesday Night!!! Woohoo

I am going to try really hard not to jump around in this post :)

~Poison Ivy~
Thank you to those of you with suggestions! How does one not ruin the clothes that one wears by putting rubbing alcohol on them? I am scared. Dumb, dumb me... Instead of wearing crappy clothes all this time, I have been wearing my favorites! Geesh. Any ways, thanks again!

~Birthday Parties~
Holy Cow, Batman. Talk about busy. We had a H/A/D party! And I am so excited that the magician that we have been using for years (a friend of the family) is adopting a baby from China. She will more than likely be here in May and will be the same age as Gracie!!! So we will have a new play friend! And of course, I will be knitting her a welcome home sweater!
Did any of you know that They Might Be Giants have a children's DVD available? Thanks Annie, for the present for H, you were so right! I love it! Okay, done with birthday stuff for the time being.

Welcome to the horror of cooking foul for me! I gave my ex samonilla poisoning after cooking chicken cordon bleu from scratch and haven't lived it down since (let me clarify here- I followed the directions except the temperature thing, and when I saw it was pink, I told him not to eat it and he did anyway...dumb ass) So now it seems I overcook any bird I buy...yuck, double yuck and dry! I think I'm going to make HWWTS&J buy a ready cooked Thanksgiving meal! Yeah, that's it.

If I don't cook for Thanksgiving, this gives me extra knitting time!!!! And no work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday!!! More knitting time....and I need the down time. I am so overwhelmed and HWWTS&J can't see it. Oh well.

I'll try to post party pictures later or tomorrow!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Quiet and Cranky!

I've been trying to follow the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" thing. NOT. WORKING.

HWWTS&J gave me poison's on my arms, my legs, my neck, my nose, the back of my head...itchy itchy. Does anyone know any good remedies? My dad is highly allergic to it and he is coming over tomorrow for A & H's birthday parties.

I would like to have my uterus ripped out! I figure I am done with needs to go. I have to go on another Birth Control to control my menstruation(sp?) Oh joy, get tubes tied and have to take B/C anyways...geesh!

I am working full time with 3 of my kids, and my house is in complete ruin, with a party tomorrow am. What is one to do? (Find storage tubs that aren't see thru and stuff everything in those!

I still have lots to tell you...I just feel a little cranky right now, and it certainly doesn't deserve a cranky post. (I was a little snotty on the SP6 site, can't wait for the hate mail to arrive!~ and I really wanted to be snottier.)

Babe is calling, must help her without getting poison ivy on her!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ch Ch Changes

So... Here I was clicking on some of the blogs on my side bar...and... I have changed some of them. I noticed that there are alot of blogs that I read that I do not acknowledge and if I put them all would never give me anymore hugs (down below on the sidebar) because you would never be able to find them! So that you don't think you are seeing things, or don't miss out on some great blogs, please check because the changing will be a semi regular occurance!

~On another note~
Today is A's 7th Birthday! Happy Birthday A! Poor HWWTS&J thought we were both going to die in that delivery room 7 years ago. A broken collar bone and 4th degree lacerations(her then me respectively) we had a bouncing, swollen headed little girl! So I just wanted to acknowledge her day!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Give a Shout out to my Secret Pal!!!!

How come Blogger never seems to post the pictures in the same order you upload them???

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oh Secret Pal, let me count the ways I loved my package!

So here I am, wanting to show you all the wonderful package my Superb Secret Pal has sent me and blogger will not cooperate. I will try again in the morning when things seem fresh!

Damn Blogger, can't figure out hello!

This is a picture of me being a very bad driver, as I am driving while picture taking.
Everybody together now, awwww, baby feet...big baby feet. I just made these darn socks and they don't fit!
Ahhh, the Mama Snooze Package...almost a welcome to the family package...huh!
This would be the lovely package I received as a prize from Give a Little, happily provided to me by: Katy
This is the foliage in my neck of the woods a week or so ago!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Holy Time, Batman

So this is going to be a long winded post covering many of subjects and having NO PICTURES!

~Personal Matters~
Anyone that has emailed me and hasn't received a response, please remind me.
I have been working away from home alot lately and trying to keep up with my group for SP6. (Yes Rox, you warned me and I didn't heed the warning...I bow to your intellect) Mind you, not much knitting! I am trying very hard to concentrate on my SET socks, however, it is looking like I may have to rip and re-knit ~the moron that writes this blog lost the pattern and can't for the life of her remember where the hell she got it, what the hell the name of it was, or where she put the damn thing!!!!
Harold broke my spindle (the gift spindle, sorry MOM) He tried to fix it, but it is now wonky. Geesh.
I just burnt my finger making make-it bake-it's with the kids (making some stitch markers out of some of them) Hopefully the burn isn't bad enough to impair knitting.

~Secret Pal~ (mine not the group)
I have only wonderful and nice things to say to my Secret Pal. The package was worth the wait. Thanks so much! Here's the run down as I have no patience for pictures tonight (please note time of this post-way past the meanies bedtime) My package came in the cutest tin (I will be banging out the post office inflicted dents and using it for all of the spindles I intend to collect). I opened the tin to find a very nice note from my secret pal and some directives :) You see the glow bugs that were enclosed are for the children and there were so many, I kept some aside to avert any infighting :) She sent me my absolute favorite chocolate truffles. (Be patient and maybe tomorrow I'll post the pictures) A very nice hank of a very fall inspired thick and thin yarn that is destined to be a hat. Stitch Markers, my very own candy corn and skull stitch markers! And Hello Kitty Halloween stickers. I heart stickers! I think I got it all, but if not, correct me, oh so nice SP! I have to tell you that they couldn't have come at a better time, as I have been hunting down people in my SP group to stay in contact and let their pals know what is going on. Thank you, thank you! I forgot the pins, I love them too! (They are in the picture)

~Kids and School~
I think if my kids have one more freaking day off, I might scream...Not much new here, I scream anyways... ha
Oh, A and D (the girls) were playing rough today and A ended up knocking out one of D's teeth. I thought it was an adult tooth, but took her to the dentist to just learn that it was a baby tooth. phew!

~The Ick~
Seems as if the ick is making it's rounds again. Hopefully, I am immune, or maybe not...I sure could use the break!

~SP6 as a Hostess~
I must say that people are rude, illiterate and totally not considerate of one's feelings. Because people, either can't read, choose not to read, or are just plain dumb they call me mean. If mean is honest...that's me. If mean is actually caring whether or not people are playing fair...that's me. I would love those snarky, nasty, dumb/stupid people to sign up for the next round to be a hostess...come on, I dare ya!

~To be continued~
I have so much to tell you and I am just to tired to do so tonight.
Here's a preview...I have inherited/been adopted by a lovely family :) And I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. I know, those of you who have never walked in my shoes wouldn't understand, but I am really beginning to feel a little peace in my heart. Soooo....more on all of that another day, because it really deserves it's own post.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone.

ETA: Oh dear, yes I did receive my Give a Little Prize! I am very excited to make the hat, it will be my first fair isle knit. And the bag has been with me ever since. Sorry for the delay in the Thank you! Things have been double O C (out of control) around here! I received my prize from Katy. And there was a package of those great knitting note cards. Pictures later, I promise!

~Did I forget anyone or anything else????

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Snarky Anonymous Comment Leavers! This is for you....

All other people, please vacate this may be very offensive. I don't mean this to any of my regular readers, I just got a foul comment from the SP6 site and blew my cool. I wish people would read more carefully. I understand that I may be a "little unpolished" in the way I convey things, but I will tell you how not to take it... they don't seem to listen over there! Anyways, I apologize to my friends for being a little on the grumpy side! SORRY!


I've got balls, you do not...

If I have something snarky, mean, nasty, etc to say... I don't leave an anonymous comment... I have the balls for a little follow through. Remember about Karma baby!

As a matter of fact, the only anonymous comments I ever leave are for SP! Yep, you heard correctly. And I believe I have only left one snarky comment on a blog and then decided that I just shouldn't read that blog. (it had to do with an ignorant statement that I knew for fact wasn't true)

So Here's to the Anonymous Snarky Comment Leaver:

I hope you step in dog doo with bare feet!

~~End of Rant

Friday, November 04, 2005

Knitting Me me

Tagged by Sarah....

what is your all time favorite yarn to knit with?

Oh, but how does one pick a favorite, when it is virtually impossible to try every yarn out there!
But So Far Here's The List:
Debbie Bliss yarns hold a special place in my stash, along with Koigu, Blue Sky Alpaca, Rowan and anything else that catches my fancy. Don't forget the Mamma Snooze Handspun!

your favorite needles?

I have to say that Inox needles are my absolute favorite and Addi's come in at a close second. Don't get me wrong...wood needles have their place too!

the worst thing you've ever knit/crocheted?

A Hat that ended up more the size of a yarmulke than the intended size (it was for my dad and he graciously accepted it and never wore it or mentioned it again)

your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)

OSW from Glampyre... I will be making a long sleeve tweaked version soon!

most valuable knitting technique?

Patience. The patience to see the pattern through.

best knit book or magazine?

Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Anything Zoe Mellor and Debbie Bliss.

I love Interweave Knits and I like Cast On For technique!

your favorite knit-a-long?

I must say that Sockapal2za has been my favorite so far.

your favorite knitblogs?

Boy there are lots of them...check out the sidebar...but here are my daily reads:
Knit and Tonic
To Knit Perchance to Dream
Rhymes with Orange
Yarn Harlot

your favorite knitwear designer?

Anything really that catches my eye. I love Nancy Bush's socks.

the knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it!)

I must say that anything I have really liked I seem to have given away. I love the knits that I have made for Gracie!

Let's tag Mamma Snooze, Katy, Dorothee, Keri, and Catherine

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