Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ch Ch Changes

So... Here I was clicking on some of the blogs on my side bar...and... I have changed some of them. I noticed that there are alot of blogs that I read that I do not acknowledge and if I put them all there...you would never give me anymore hugs (down below on the sidebar) because you would never be able to find them! So that you don't think you are seeing things, or don't miss out on some great blogs, please check because the changing will be a semi regular occurance!

~On another note~
Today is A's 7th Birthday! Happy Birthday A! Poor HWWTS&J thought we were both going to die in that delivery room 7 years ago. A broken collar bone and 4th degree lacerations(her then me respectively) we had a bouncing, swollen headed little girl! So I just wanted to acknowledge her day!

Happy Birthday A!!!!
Happy 7th Birthday A! Have fun celebrating!
Awww SWEET! I made the final cut! Whooo! (feeling kinda special right about now! ;) )
Thanks for that delivery room tale, just what I needed to hear about now! But sweet happy bday to her! Give her lotsa love (and cake.. and presents!)
We all need to hook up again soon! I miss you gals SO F-in' MUCH!!!!!
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