Sunday, October 30, 2005

100 Posts!!! And boy, do I have alot to share...

Look what came in the mail from Kpixie care of Catherine All I can say is I am undeserving and a whiner. Thank you!!!!

Yesterday the hubster decided to take us all to Yankee Candle (the flagship store in Massachusetts)And look they have more than just candles. Yep a magenta Vera Bradley bag. I think I am in love! See below closed and open!

And here we have sleeping Gracie! In a sweater that I made for her. She is outgrowing it fast, time to make a new one!

And.... I got a late start on Lolly's socktober fest, but I have lots of them on needles! I will post a pic tomorrow as proof, but here are the cheater pair done! These are for Gracie:

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I should have more patience!

Here I was kind of whining about the Needle Exchange and I should really know better. Yesterday I received my package all the way from Alaska. My partner certainly made my wait worth it, with 2 addi turbos, a Mountain Colors Sock Kit and a great card with a pattern in it.

My pal was: Barbara

Barbara, I apologize for not giving you a couple of more days. I hope things are okay for you! And Thank you soooo much. (I would have posted sooner, but I lost power this morning!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

So, here it is, another Tuesday (my only night of sanity!) I can't wait to see the girls! My best friend is floating around somewhere here on the east coast, but shit if she'll call me back! Geesh! I would've liked for her to meet the Scissor Squad! Oh well, doesn't look to be happening.

So, I am so thinking that I will not be signing up for anymore pal things. Not anything to do with you SP6 Pal! I signed up for the Needle Exchange and granted I was a little late getting my package to my pal, but my pal is wwwwaaaaaayyyyy late. It is a bit discouraging to keep looking in my mailbox for a package that never seems to come :( It is also a really good possibility that I am just in a that time of the month funk!

So here, have some quizes!

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Have a great night and Rox, I will have your challenge picture up in a couple of days!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


You fit in with:

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Weekend Report on Hump Day.

Do you see Alison, Carrie and many others that have escaped the few brain cells I have left?

And there is Justine to her left Tara and Alison again, and if you see yourself in the picture, let me know, I'll link ya!

Dead ahead in Blue is Stitchy! And if you are the other two, you know what to do...ha (in case you are wondering about my sanity...please don't be too concerned, its that time of the month and I was on sensory overload from Rhinebeck)

It's Melanie and I think the Bookish Girl? More investigating to be done...doh

Part of the day's purchases (Some are gifties)

Yep more purchases...just call me the fiber pirate... there was too much fiber to see for me to take any pictures of any sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, or bunnies, sorry!

Kept missing parts of the pile!

And finally the last of it...geesh. Must. Bring. More. Cash. Next. Year. And must leave anything that I can use as a weapon at home.

And here is my proof I was up at the buttcrack of dawn the very next day for the Diabetes Walk. I even knit while walking...he

Monday, October 17, 2005

Something is just not right....

So... Rhinebeck...great, more to come on a happier day.
Diabetes walk... fun will have to do this again, more on that another day.
Doing 2 major events in one weekend...not happening again! Can you say tired with achy feet?

I am so stressed, way stressed. Will one of you Scissorina's pick me up tomorrow and drop me off after our little Squad session???? I could use a drink, yep June Cleaver could use a drink...ooops wrong group. I have some friends that call me JC for June Cleaver... pretty funny, huh? especially if you know me. I am soooo far from JC that I should be anti-JC.

My bed is beckoning and it seems to make the eye twitch go away (which, btw, went away for all of Sunday and returned to torment me today!)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Rhinebeck and stuff

Okay, very late, but Look at my goodies from my SP... I love the note paper... I have to find some of that!!!! Thank you sooo much SP!!! (I also had to hide the m&m's from T on a nightly basis..he he)

I just got this picture of Gracie ~ to be known as Babe from now on.... (My grandma, yep the one that I am walking in memory of on Sunday was the last of 5 children and my little Gracie's middle name is my grandma's name and all of her family called her Babe, because she was the baby of the family)

Are you going to Rhinebeck???? Look for this hat and you shall find me!!!! Say hi, I'm not as scary in person :)

Friday Funny

I must say this is soooo true!

You are Marcie!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Promises, Promises, Promises

Just so you know, I have been sick and helping hubby in his office (with the kids in tow) and been overly stressed and tired. Doesn't go well with blogging. I am going to Rhinebeck on Saturday and hope to see some of you there. I'll also be stopping by Morehouse Merino's wine and cheese event after the gates closed. I won't be staying long but I'll be there!

On Sunday: My Diabetes walk! After the walk, I will blog all of the things I was supposed to blog before! (SP6 pictures, Rhinebeck pictures, etc.) So please be patient!

Wishing you smiles for the rest of the week :)

Oh and let me leave you with this:

Find the story here.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Go AWAY!!!!

Ode to the Sickness:

Sickness o sickness, please go away… I have much to do today. Don’t even think of staying long… for this coming weekend I must be strong. Oh Hacking Cough that will not go… You must, you must I have much to do, Like see the Harlot and meet some bloggers too! And lest we forget, I have that walk, six whole miles, so please lets talk. You have all winter to bother me, so why come now and kill my glee???

On to other news:

I have started my SET sock and it is coming along :)

I am sending out a package to my Secret Pal

My Needle Exchange Pal Package was sent out last week. Oh Pal of mine, I hope things are better and hope to hear from you soon.

My Secret Pal sent me a package, yahoo! She sent me a big bag of M&M Mega’s, and they couldn’t have come at a better moment. I was going crazy looking for chocolate all around the house…he he. And target yarn and an awesome note. Pictures to follow!!!
Thank you sooooo much, (I was getting worried)! Hope things get a little less hectic for you ;)

Dorothee, I am finally going to send out your little package. I decided to get you your very own little skeins of the 2 yarns ;)

So I have waited 3 days to post this and am I feeling any better, nope. I may even miss scissor squad tonight.

I have finished my swatch for the Karabella sweater, now to cast on.

I am not knitting very much and getting ornery because of it...more on that note later.

Fun quiz:

Your Hair Should Be Blue

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You're a risk taker with an eye to the future.
What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

So in unopinionated knitting news--

1. I finished OSW on Tuesday night at Scissor Squad.
2. I started my SET socks last night - yes they are lacey and they are blue, but that's all your getting until you get them in the mail, Cindy!
3. I have decided to take Jennifer's cue and make felted bags on my knitting machine for holiday pressies - like them or bite me... he he

That's all you get for now....very tired, up since before 5 am and have to work and sick...please feel bad for me :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Spin me right round, baby right round

For those of you that maybe have been wondering...what happened to Shteeni... here it is...
1. I have 2 children in 2 different schools (and I thought this would make my life easier....stop laughing at me) 2 different schools means 2 different sets of notices, activities to say no to, etc. ~ very time consuming stuff here.
2. I have joined in too many pal programs, knit alongs, etc. too close to the holidays.
3. I have been trying to hatch a plan to get more of you to donate to the diabetes walk I am participating in during Rhinebeck people. I am giving up a day at Rhinebeck with my pals of all pals to walk and need more donations. (Thank you so very much to the persons who have already donated, btw) My Grandma (if she were able to be here right now) would be looking at all of you in awe with all of your crafty craftiness...she always appreciated the time and effort and creativity that went into the stuff we do. Do you feel guilty, yet? In case you didn't know, my Grandma died because they couldn't get her sugar levels stable enough for surgery. I miss her sooo very much.
4. It takes me forever to keep tabs on all of you, yes you. And would you believe sometimes I don't even get to you.
5. I am crankier than usual (adjusting to a new birth control...yes, even though I got my tubes tied, I am super dee duperly anemic, so my wonder doctor said this would I am not being sarcastic, I really, really, really like her!)
6. My Brother-In-Law is very very very ill (yes, dying ill) and I feel very helpless. He is in a nursing home about an hour away... I can't really drive at night, unless I have someone to talk to ~ I fall asleep. And the hubster doesn't get home until dark, most days. I feel guilty. I must make time for him!
7. Did I mention that some aliens came and took over parts of my brain? Speaking of which, Cheryl ~ I have recieved the scarf, thank you, it is so pretty!
8. To any of my pals that may read this at a later date...please forgive the flakiness, I will make it up to you!

Well, Gracie is whining, must go help the angel that is calling, uh I mean whaling.


Hey! Put your sound on for this one. Hubby sent it to me in an email, ya think he was tryin' to tell me something????

Dolly Parton Sings About PMS


Special Thanks to!!! I'll be at Building E at 1pm on 10/15. Hope to see ya there!!!! Now click the link and sign up!!!

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