Monday, October 17, 2005

Something is just not right....

So... Rhinebeck...great, more to come on a happier day.
Diabetes walk... fun will have to do this again, more on that another day.
Doing 2 major events in one weekend...not happening again! Can you say tired with achy feet?

I am so stressed, way stressed. Will one of you Scissorina's pick me up tomorrow and drop me off after our little Squad session???? I could use a drink, yep June Cleaver could use a drink...ooops wrong group. I have some friends that call me JC for June Cleaver... pretty funny, huh? especially if you know me. I am soooo far from JC that I should be anti-JC.

My bed is beckoning and it seems to make the eye twitch go away (which, btw, went away for all of Sunday and returned to torment me today!)

Have a drink for me will 'ya =)!
I'll drink with ya. Freaking teenager is driving me to drink. Here's to a better day tomorrow!
Glad to hear the walk went well! good for you- soak those tired feet and get some rest-
please send me your addy and i will post your give a little package. it may take just a leetle bit of time as we are under construction and I hadn't put it altogether. Glad you had a nice time at Rhinebeck!
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