Sunday, October 30, 2005

100 Posts!!! And boy, do I have alot to share...

Look what came in the mail from Kpixie care of Catherine All I can say is I am undeserving and a whiner. Thank you!!!!

Yesterday the hubster decided to take us all to Yankee Candle (the flagship store in Massachusetts)And look they have more than just candles. Yep a magenta Vera Bradley bag. I think I am in love! See below closed and open!

And here we have sleeping Gracie! In a sweater that I made for her. She is outgrowing it fast, time to make a new one!

And.... I got a late start on Lolly's socktober fest, but I have lots of them on needles! I will post a pic tomorrow as proof, but here are the cheater pair done! These are for Gracie:

I love love love the Yankee Candle store - it's right on the way to my BFF's house, how cool is that? (She live in New Hampshire) The bag is wonderful, looks like you are already putting it to good use. :)
The stuff all looks great! Glad you had a great time. Thanks again for letting the girls come for a visit and for laughing with all of us later in the day. I had a great time. I gotta go to that store soon!
AWWWW! Gracie gets cuter every time I see her... That pic is priceless!
Awww! Your Gracie is adorable =)

I hear that you're going to be my new sister. I always wanted a sister =D *hugs* Welcome to the family!
I love me some vera bradley! What pattern is that? looks like a great bag!
Cutsie Gracie! What kind of sweater is that? It looks so cute, where did you get the pattern from? And what size are the little sockies?
I'm also very late for the socktoberfest... have to finally post a picture of the socks I started on Friday ;-\
okay it's official i have to order me the same thing from kpixie:) love the vera bag... thats what i carry all my knitting in too! they are so roomy with all those pockets.. don't you just love'em!
Gracie is so adorable!
Your packet might have arrived yesterday actually. I'll find out as soon as I go to the post office!
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