Thursday, October 06, 2005

So in unopinionated knitting news--

1. I finished OSW on Tuesday night at Scissor Squad.
2. I started my SET socks last night - yes they are lacey and they are blue, but that's all your getting until you get them in the mail, Cindy!
3. I have decided to take Jennifer's cue and make felted bags on my knitting machine for holiday pressies - like them or bite me... he he

That's all you get for now....very tired, up since before 5 am and have to work and sick...please feel bad for me :)

Felted stuff makes great gifts. I did some before, but NEVER AGAIN! :) I had to wait until I was at my parents to felt, because I'm not paying 1.00 a load to felt crap at my building. I felted for like, an entire day.

I hope you feel better and less tired! Just's almost the weekend.
what a great idea for quickie preasents! makes me want a knitting machine:) can't wait to see OSW!!
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