Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

So, here it is, another Tuesday (my only night of sanity!) I can't wait to see the girls! My best friend is floating around somewhere here on the east coast, but shit if she'll call me back! Geesh! I would've liked for her to meet the Scissor Squad! Oh well, doesn't look to be happening.

So, I am so thinking that I will not be signing up for anymore pal things. Not anything to do with you SP6 Pal! I signed up for the Needle Exchange and granted I was a little late getting my package to my pal, but my pal is wwwwaaaaaayyyyy late. It is a bit discouraging to keep looking in my mailbox for a package that never seems to come :( It is also a really good possibility that I am just in a that time of the month funk!

So here, have some quizes!

My blog is worth $14,678.04.
How much is your blog worth?

Take the quiz: "Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You? "

Pog mo thoin
Pog mo thoin - 'Kiss my ass.'You're one tough bastard, and if anyone doesn't like it, they can kiss your ass. You enjoy fighting and causing grievous bodily harm. Hey! What are you lookin' at, punk?

Have a great night and Rox, I will have your challenge picture up in a couple of days!

No offence taken. If I am indeed your last swap pal, then I'd better leave you with a bang, eh? There's some Halloween goodness on its way right now (I hope it makes it by Halloween!), and today I am excited because I get to go to the LYS and find something for you. Maybe I'm also excited because I plan on getting something for me. :)
You Rock SP6!!!! It's not you at all, just a bit overwhelmed and finding that I don't even have a lot of time to keep tabs on my own pal. this is just because of the needle exchange thingy. It is running me down to be looking in the mailbox every day knowing that this was supposed to be sent so long ago and it not being there every day. Just cranky I guess.
I am soooo sorry about your pal!!! i haven't heard back from her but you will get your package soon ;) promise...PS your the best at SP^, your my coordinator and I have a great SP thanks!!!
Is it my turn to offer to kick ass for you as you stress over SP stuff. Cuz I will...

Don't be discouraged Chickie.... whats that saying about a "watched pot never boiling"?

Yeah, I know - I should shut up. hehe. If its any consolation - I am cancelling the 11/1 deadline for the SET. Self serving a bit as I am truly sucking big time at sock knitting... but.... ya know.... a few extra weeks can't hurt anyone.

Get better. Eat chocolate. Knit. Go to the car, shut the doors and windows and scream a bad word. You know the word. A tried and true feel-good tactic!

Or .... again... there is the bathing suit pic of me as a kid - you know the one. Guaranteed laugh.;)

gawd man - word verification this time was 14 letters.
Hi Christine~
I stopped to locate your email- but am enjoying your blog as I visit! Great stuff!
OK- I want to provide an offer to SP6 participants via you as the hostess.
Our shop will offer a 10% discount off all orders from now till November 26th. The least we can do for such wonderful knitters!
What email address should I send details to?
"Comment 'ho?" Not you, baby.

You have my vote for being one of the best blogger friends a girl can have, absolute best SP Angel, Mommy of the Year, Woman of the Decade, yadda yadda yadda...

You always make my day because even when my post is sucky I can count on a great comment from you.

Much love,
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