Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Promises, Promises, Promises

Just so you know, I have been sick and helping hubby in his office (with the kids in tow) and been overly stressed and tired. Doesn't go well with blogging. I am going to Rhinebeck on Saturday and hope to see some of you there. I'll also be stopping by Morehouse Merino's wine and cheese event after the gates closed. I won't be staying long but I'll be there!

On Sunday: My Diabetes walk! After the walk, I will blog all of the things I was supposed to blog before! (SP6 pictures, Rhinebeck pictures, etc.) So please be patient!

Wishing you smiles for the rest of the week :)

Oh and let me leave you with this:

Find the story here.

I just completed the diabetes walk here in Reno- What an amazing event. My team of 6 raised over $1000!
check out my blog for details...
very nice!~
i am sorry your under the weather
:( helping the hubby with kids in tow? your doing double time woman!!! oh and I saw that smurf thing on yahoo...'s an angle?
You're very sweet to offer Christine but there is really nothing I need ot must have except the company of like minded friends! Go and have fun for me :)

And feel better!
Hey pal, sorry you're still under the weather. I know it can really stink, especially while working with kids in tow. It's bad enough without all the extra baggage. Hopefully you'll feel better soon and have a great time this weekend.
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