Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lots of stuff, no pictures

Good Stuff~
Go here for a great contest! It ends today so hurry up already!
They have karioke at knitting on Tuesday nights... gotta listen to Megadeth for the week (yes this guy has everything...except Dead Milkmen)
Jenny & Michelle liked thier birthday presents (I think)
I am not running into work until later!!!
I finished a Christmas present last night!

Bad Stuff~
HWWTS&J and I had a big argument...bigger than anything else before...I think things are okay now, but I was pretty upset. He is probably the person that I am closest to and trust more than anyone else and last night was pretty bad. Hopefully, today will be better!
SP6- still some deadbeats...not nice people!!! Don't make me flame you on my blog!!! (and trust me, I can be catty like that....when provoked, er... or not)
SET Socks...they are coming...please forgive me. I signed up when I had no job and sat on my ass knitting all day everyday.

Must concentrate...take shower and go to work.

I am so sorry that you had such a rough day yesterday. Hopefully today is a MUCH better day.

Hey, I say flame away on those SP6 deadbeats. I think my SP is bailing on me. How can people do that?
Sending good wishes your way for a better day today! =) And thanks for the heads up on the contest!

Exchanges and pal stuff always bug me when people drop out I seem to have the worst luck! I mean how can you join and then ditch somebody, especially if you're still receiving gifts in return. You know what we need is an exchange moderator automated system. It keeps track of everyone who's every ditched a person and doesn't allow them to join again! =)
Likewise, your SET socks are being worked on. I've been having some...uh...issues with them, not to mention I'm working on this evil research paper that takes the place of finals. And all kinds of stuff has happened since I signed up, too. I'm sort of a mess right now. But just know, you WILL get them. They aren't looking too good, so far, honestly. I think I'm a crummy sock knitter.

hope things got better... SP deadbeats, you would think people would just live up to their commimtments, it's not so hard.

Hang in there
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