Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Insert Clever Title Here (just not up to thinking this morning)

So Here I sit trying to figure out what Mom was going to tell me. (No, not psycho mom, to those who know me...I've got a new mom and she's great!) I am baffled, please send me an email or call me, Mom!

OMGosh, I almost forgot....I found the pattern for my SET socks, fear not pal, I will only be knitting for you, until they are done, and I will make up for my tardiness!

I am beginning to think that non-knitting leads to a very cranky Shteeni! Need to knit, Need to knit!! And it is Hat City Scissor Squad Night, woohoo, just what I need!

D came down this morning and she has Poison Ivy all over her face! I guess it is time for us to go to the doctor. (BTW, I tried the Aveno Bath and it was wonderful while I was in it, the minute I got out, I was in pain and itching...yuck!) I have been trying to protect my clothing by putting guaze on the really large patches on my legs. I had major ooozing last night, so I don't think it helped. I guess I will be putting alcohol in my laundry!

We got a Turkey last night. HWWTS&J wanted a butterball (anyone care to guess why? There may be something in it for you~and I could use some laughs today) He also got like 5 different pies...mind you, we are both trying to lose weight...geesh.

I was trying to be nice over the weekend and was making small talk with my friend's husband (or something). And he came out with, "I wouldn't want to be on your bad side" and I promptly told him that he should be nicer then. And I got "What do I care, I am only here for another 45 days" to which, he got, Alot of damage can be done in 45 days, dear. He's such a jackass. I hate when people are dumb that don't have to be, they are just lazy. Lazy, dumb and Mean! Oh friend of mine, you need to change the locks! Feed him some ground glass or something.

Gosh the crankiness abounds here at Chez shteeni. Better go, before I get nasty anonymous messages here too!

So sorry about the poison ivy. Hopefully you will feel better after the going to the doctors.

So, did hubby want a butterball because it has the biggest breasts?...LOL
I know what you mean about lack of knitting affecting one's disposition. I joke that knitting is the only thing that preserves what little bits of sanity I still possess, but I think it really is true.

Your house is not the only one where the pies choices are in direct competition with weight loss efforts. As for the Butterball choice, I'm afraid the first comments that come to mind just aren't appropriate; then again, neither am I.
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