Friday, November 18, 2005

Quiet and Cranky!

I've been trying to follow the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" thing. NOT. WORKING.

HWWTS&J gave me poison's on my arms, my legs, my neck, my nose, the back of my head...itchy itchy. Does anyone know any good remedies? My dad is highly allergic to it and he is coming over tomorrow for A & H's birthday parties.

I would like to have my uterus ripped out! I figure I am done with needs to go. I have to go on another Birth Control to control my menstruation(sp?) Oh joy, get tubes tied and have to take B/C anyways...geesh!

I am working full time with 3 of my kids, and my house is in complete ruin, with a party tomorrow am. What is one to do? (Find storage tubs that aren't see thru and stuff everything in those!

I still have lots to tell you...I just feel a little cranky right now, and it certainly doesn't deserve a cranky post. (I was a little snotty on the SP6 site, can't wait for the hate mail to arrive!~ and I really wanted to be snottier.)

Babe is calling, must help her without getting poison ivy on her!


Dear Christine,

I don’t read your blog but am a member of SP6. Reading your comment intrigued me. I’m here, puffy eyed from crying for the umpteenth day in a row, over my 14 year old son whose daily mission is to give me grief. Ripping out the uterus should be done with a rusty knife, according to my co-worker, anyway.
Please take heart! As a fellow overachiever, you must be what with 5 children and all that’s attached, I empathize. I don’t know what comment was made to put you in a funk. I, for one enjoy your efforts. Knitting has kept me sane. All the mistakes within the garment point to times when I’ve been low…I try to knit my way back up and out. I’m 48 and a career woman who took up knitting late in life. There was much amusement among the colleagues upon learning that I joined a “Secret Pal” society. That’s for “big hair church ladies” with angle pins on their lapels, was what I was told. I don’t receive rave adulation from my pal, but that’s OK. The pleasure is in the giving for me right now. I have received a package and was overcome with joy in the effort that a stranger took to put together items and mail them to me. I even received a handwritten letter. Something that, due to the electronic age, I haven’t held in my hand for quite a while. Thanks for taking moments out of time you could be spending with your kids…or better yet, knitting to coordinate this exchange. It’s not a perfect world and we have no control over others. My son reminds me daily!
Poor girl! Poison ivy is no fun. I hope you feel better soon!
Oh you poor thing! You are truly having a terrible day. Aveeno bath is the best stuff ever for poison ivy. I hope it gets better.

I don't think you were snotty on the SP site at all. Frankly, I think the people that have been so bitchy to you should be outed. There is no excuse at all for people to be so freaking nasty.

Take care ::hugs::
Poison ivy? Aveeno cream. Available at any drugstore or Target type store. It's natural and very, very soothing. They also have a bath treatment that's wonderful too, however, it's made of oatmeal, so it does tend to make the bathtub a mess. The cream is blessedly free of mess.
You can take some Benadryl for the itching. Rub all of the affected areas of your skin with LOTS of rubbibg alcohol, wash it off with water and then shower with soap and warm water. Soap can pick up the urushiol and spread it to other parts of your body. Any clothes and shoes or anything else that might have come in contact with the poison ivy should be washed with the rubbing alcohol as well. The urushiol can stay on those items and can re-infect you the next time yu use them, even a year or more later. Be sure to wear gloves when you handle those items.

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Your socks will be late. Sorry, I've been a slacker, but I have had a LOT going on this month. I have one finished, and I've started on the second, and I SHOULD have time to finish the second one this week and hopefully send it out next week.

Once again, SORRY!!

Living in North Florida, and regularly tromping around the woods/swamps here, my sister comes home with poison ivy ALL THE TIME. Her typical remedies include a lukewarm oatmeal bath (either with the Aveeno stuff or with real oatmeal) and applying Ivarest for the itching, which she swears by. I hope you get to feeling better soon!
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