Saturday, November 12, 2005

Holy Time, Batman

So this is going to be a long winded post covering many of subjects and having NO PICTURES!

~Personal Matters~
Anyone that has emailed me and hasn't received a response, please remind me.
I have been working away from home alot lately and trying to keep up with my group for SP6. (Yes Rox, you warned me and I didn't heed the warning...I bow to your intellect) Mind you, not much knitting! I am trying very hard to concentrate on my SET socks, however, it is looking like I may have to rip and re-knit ~the moron that writes this blog lost the pattern and can't for the life of her remember where the hell she got it, what the hell the name of it was, or where she put the damn thing!!!!
Harold broke my spindle (the gift spindle, sorry MOM) He tried to fix it, but it is now wonky. Geesh.
I just burnt my finger making make-it bake-it's with the kids (making some stitch markers out of some of them) Hopefully the burn isn't bad enough to impair knitting.

~Secret Pal~ (mine not the group)
I have only wonderful and nice things to say to my Secret Pal. The package was worth the wait. Thanks so much! Here's the run down as I have no patience for pictures tonight (please note time of this post-way past the meanies bedtime) My package came in the cutest tin (I will be banging out the post office inflicted dents and using it for all of the spindles I intend to collect). I opened the tin to find a very nice note from my secret pal and some directives :) You see the glow bugs that were enclosed are for the children and there were so many, I kept some aside to avert any infighting :) She sent me my absolute favorite chocolate truffles. (Be patient and maybe tomorrow I'll post the pictures) A very nice hank of a very fall inspired thick and thin yarn that is destined to be a hat. Stitch Markers, my very own candy corn and skull stitch markers! And Hello Kitty Halloween stickers. I heart stickers! I think I got it all, but if not, correct me, oh so nice SP! I have to tell you that they couldn't have come at a better time, as I have been hunting down people in my SP group to stay in contact and let their pals know what is going on. Thank you, thank you! I forgot the pins, I love them too! (They are in the picture)

~Kids and School~
I think if my kids have one more freaking day off, I might scream...Not much new here, I scream anyways... ha
Oh, A and D (the girls) were playing rough today and A ended up knocking out one of D's teeth. I thought it was an adult tooth, but took her to the dentist to just learn that it was a baby tooth. phew!

~The Ick~
Seems as if the ick is making it's rounds again. Hopefully, I am immune, or maybe not...I sure could use the break!

~SP6 as a Hostess~
I must say that people are rude, illiterate and totally not considerate of one's feelings. Because people, either can't read, choose not to read, or are just plain dumb they call me mean. If mean is honest...that's me. If mean is actually caring whether or not people are playing fair...that's me. I would love those snarky, nasty, dumb/stupid people to sign up for the next round to be a hostess...come on, I dare ya!

~To be continued~
I have so much to tell you and I am just to tired to do so tonight.
Here's a preview...I have inherited/been adopted by a lovely family :) And I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel. I know, those of you who have never walked in my shoes wouldn't understand, but I am really beginning to feel a little peace in my heart. Soooo....more on all of that another day, because it really deserves it's own post.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone.

ETA: Oh dear, yes I did receive my Give a Little Prize! I am very excited to make the hat, it will be my first fair isle knit. And the bag has been with me ever since. Sorry for the delay in the Thank you! Things have been double O C (out of control) around here! I received my prize from Katy. And there was a package of those great knitting note cards. Pictures later, I promise!

~Did I forget anyone or anything else????

I hope you have received the Give a little prize...and maybe like it too.
Oh yay! I'm glad it arrived, if a bit banged up. Especially since you're putting in your time to make this SP thing fun for the rest of us, I really wouldn't want your packages to get lost in the mail!
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