Saturday, November 05, 2005

Snarky Anonymous Comment Leavers! This is for you....

All other people, please vacate this may be very offensive. I don't mean this to any of my regular readers, I just got a foul comment from the SP6 site and blew my cool. I wish people would read more carefully. I understand that I may be a "little unpolished" in the way I convey things, but I will tell you how not to take it... they don't seem to listen over there! Anyways, I apologize to my friends for being a little on the grumpy side! SORRY!


I've got balls, you do not...

If I have something snarky, mean, nasty, etc to say... I don't leave an anonymous comment... I have the balls for a little follow through. Remember about Karma baby!

As a matter of fact, the only anonymous comments I ever leave are for SP! Yep, you heard correctly. And I believe I have only left one snarky comment on a blog and then decided that I just shouldn't read that blog. (it had to do with an ignorant statement that I knew for fact wasn't true)

So Here's to the Anonymous Snarky Comment Leaver:

I hope you step in dog doo with bare feet!

~~End of Rant

Dayum! You tell em'!
Why do people feel it necessary to be ugly in comments? If you don't like something, don't read it!
I'm sorry to hear that other knitters are being fugly.
Um, I'm being anonymous, but I'm not going to be unpleasant...I was just assigned to give you an ornament, and I wondered if you wanted it to be a secret exchange or can I let you know who I am? Rox said I can go either way, and I just wanted to know if I should create a secret e-mail account.
Now that's a welcome anonymous commenter. Dear Ornamental pal, you may decide. My pal knows who I am so I am happy either way! It's up to you :oD
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