Monday, November 21, 2005

Can't Wait for Wednesday Night!!! Woohoo

I am going to try really hard not to jump around in this post :)

~Poison Ivy~
Thank you to those of you with suggestions! How does one not ruin the clothes that one wears by putting rubbing alcohol on them? I am scared. Dumb, dumb me... Instead of wearing crappy clothes all this time, I have been wearing my favorites! Geesh. Any ways, thanks again!

~Birthday Parties~
Holy Cow, Batman. Talk about busy. We had a H/A/D party! And I am so excited that the magician that we have been using for years (a friend of the family) is adopting a baby from China. She will more than likely be here in May and will be the same age as Gracie!!! So we will have a new play friend! And of course, I will be knitting her a welcome home sweater!
Did any of you know that They Might Be Giants have a children's DVD available? Thanks Annie, for the present for H, you were so right! I love it! Okay, done with birthday stuff for the time being.

Welcome to the horror of cooking foul for me! I gave my ex samonilla poisoning after cooking chicken cordon bleu from scratch and haven't lived it down since (let me clarify here- I followed the directions except the temperature thing, and when I saw it was pink, I told him not to eat it and he did anyway...dumb ass) So now it seems I overcook any bird I buy...yuck, double yuck and dry! I think I'm going to make HWWTS&J buy a ready cooked Thanksgiving meal! Yeah, that's it.

If I don't cook for Thanksgiving, this gives me extra knitting time!!!! And no work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday!!! More knitting time....and I need the down time. I am so overwhelmed and HWWTS&J can't see it. Oh well.

I'll try to post party pictures later or tomorrow!

I've only had to do this once but I put a cup of it in the washer (in the bleach dispenser) with the clothes from that day. I washed with no soap for the first run through with cold water and then added laundry detergent and washed a second time with warm water. The clothes didn't suffer at all but they were just jeans, tees, socks and underwear. You could try dabbing a small spot on the inside of the collar of your shirts/blouses and the inside waistband of your pants/jeans. I would think that anything should be fine though if you dilute it in the water in the washer. Hope it helps and I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better!
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