Monday, March 06, 2006

Yesterday seems so far away...

Yes, there is a point to that title...

Good Morning, Afternoon, etc.

Some of you know of my life and some of you don't.

When I was 16 I lived in a Group Home. You can find out about this Group Home HERE.

They have an annual Birdhouse Auction which you can find out more about in the link. Okay, back to the point. I was one of the alumni asked to be in part of a video telling the people at the auction what and how the house made a difference in our lives, and reflecting back on it, the difference they made is huge! I totally could have been a very different person, had I not had them standing by me all through the years! And things that you would maybe think to be very trivial really do make a difference in a teenage girls life. We took trips to NYC to see plays and dance groups and musicals, not to mention eat in Little Italy and eat Sushi for the first time. (these trips, as a side note, are donated by very generous benefactors who believe in the difference this house makes to the girls) I urge you to think of just one person who has made a difference in your life and if it is possible, thank them!

Yep, there's more. The director asked me to make a birdhouse even though the deadline has already passed. I have only until March 24th to get it done. Any suggestions????

What a great excuse to trying out the Fiber Trends pattern for a felted birdhouse: I haven't looked at the pattern, but felted things usually knit up quickly, right? And I saw one completed at the LYS and it was so cute.
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