Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Thanks Annie, for making the purging of the stash go, oh so much easier!

Keep in tune for a stash sale right here on this here blog! I have to go take pictures and then post! Please note, this sale is not first come first serve, well sorta. Hat City Scissor Squaders get first dibs and most of them work, so I will let you know as soon as I can.

Off to take pictures!!!

Hey Christine,

I tried for over a month to get in touch with you. You wouldn't answer my calls you wouldn't return my messages. I've been wanting to drop off Xmas gifts and the cookies for quite a while. If you were my friend why couldn't you call? And, why did you wait until I left a comment on you blog before you would contact me?

I don't know why you stopped being my friend, I really don't care, but I get the impression that if you can't manipulate someone into what you think they should be then you don't want to be their friend.

That's not what a true friend is.
I have kept this off the blogs, but if you would like to start a blog war, you better get your xanax ready. Here's the email I sent to you last week detailing why. And who was manipulating who?

Hi Lori,

I am sure that you think that “Jenny” is me, but it is not. Not that I don’t agree with some of her points. I haven’t spoken to you, because I do not wish to hurt your feelings. And while the quote on my blog was a hidden “jab” of sorts, your response just shows me how much denial you are in. I will make my points below:

1. While it can be agreed that Kevin is an asshole, you do need to take responsibility for marrying him again.

2. You were happy at first that Social Services was going to help with counseling, etc. Until it became too big a burden on you. (I thought that you were most concerned about your children)

3. I spoke to you about my concerns and tried to do so in a manner that wouldn’t upset you too much. And instead of being upset about an important part of our conversation, you were mad about me telling you that you feed your children too much junk food. I was flabbergasted.

4. You do live above your monetary means. This is the 21st Century, One of your children is old enough to watch the others, and you really need to get a job. I felt really awkward when you asked if you could be my Nanny when you wouldn’t even get back to me about how much money you wanted for the week we were going away. And the closer the time came to go, the more uncomfortable we both became about leaving the children with you. As far as worrying about an employer, you should be worrying about yourself and as I have mentioned before, Stew Leonard’s has a program for Mothers with children in school. Maybe you are above working in Stew’s.

5. Your children do know way too much and I have told you that before. And I think that you do need to sit down with them and cut back on things such as the movies, cheerleading, etc. My kids don’t do all that stuff and they are fine.

6. If you keep taking money from your parents, then you are showing your children that when they are adults, it’s okay to get Mom to pay for my mistakes.

7. Get a divorce, your children are learning that you should stay married to an idiot so that you can take his money.

8. People aren’t easily changed and I understand if you get mad at me for this email, but as I have been saying for a while, yeah he’s a jerk, but at some point you need to lace up those boots, suck it up and do something about it. It will be hard at first, but if you put all of the effort into it that you have been putting into finding an “easy way” you would be halfway there by now.

I am sorry if this email hurt you, but being true to the person I am, I can’t leave you wondering why I haven’t talked to you. Also, I paid you for the Girl Scout Cookies in January by sending in the cash with Dylana. I would like you to send the cookies home with Dylana, please.


PS. Just for your information, Harold doesn’t give me money, nor do I ask him for money. You asked me at the last possible moment for the money for the Girl Scout Cookies and I found a way to get the money to you. Yes, I got mad over that. I was pressured enough having to go on a trip all by myself, to have someone pressure me more by being last minute about the whole thing. I am a very timely person and get flustered with added pressures.
Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that when I got a call back from the Girl Scout Council this morning I was informed that the cookies were in in the beginning of January.
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