Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stay tuned for tomorrow...when I can take pictures again....

Rowan Big Wool $5

Frog Tree Alpaca cost $18 willing to sell for $9

Noro Kureyon Color 90 $5

Koigu Kersti bought for $11 each, sell all 3 for $11 (There's a pattern for fingerless mitts in LMKG)

LB Wool Ease... I got 4 different kinds here $10 for the whole lot?

see above

see above

Wanna add it to the ones above add $1

Paton's Canadiana (I think this was one of my first yarn purchases) $1

please add me to the above wool ease!

If the Kersti hasn't been snatched, I'd love to buy it from you! :)
Ooo, lala. Can I buy all your Noro if it's not spoken for? Am I a big Noro fan? Why, yes! Just email me with the price.
P.S. My Hourglass is coming along slowly, i've been working on other stuff instead...have you posted finished pics of yours yet?
P.P.S. Gracie is a doll!
Just in case there's any confusion...I meant the Noro Silk Garden in your last post as well as the Kureyon.
email coming your way re: the frog tree alpaca :o)
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