Monday, March 20, 2006

In the spirit of Spring...

Happy Spring everyone!

It is that time of year where I decide I need to organize my life...he he
So here's the game plan:
1. I have made myself a daily task knitting or watching of the shows until all items are checked off.
2. I must clean out the old stash...(Annie~with no blog has offered to help, so please let me know when you have some time)
3. Stash Sale...coming to this blog in the very near advised that Scissor Squad members have 1st dibs (I promised)
4. Finding all of that important paperwork that seems to disappear when most needed!
5. Clean the back room, or we'll never get an aupair!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a very warm day out here in the Northeast! We'll see though!

I may have some time tomorrow or Friday--let me know what works for you!
I made a to-do list to accomplish on last week's spring break, totalling about 40 little things to do.

You know how many I got done? 4. 4!!! I totally suck. I wish you better luck with yours!!

Happy Spring!
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