Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I sang...I did it I sang...well sort of

My song last night was Enter Sandman by Metallica... Okay enough with the laughter, I know its not really singing...but I didn't get sick like I did when I sang I'm too Sexy by Right Said Fred!

I am having technical difficulties with Typepad (I am programmed for Blogger) If you are familiar...I would love to email you my site and maybe you could help me get rid of some unsightlies!

I can't find the felted birdhouses pattern locally. One shop has it on order, one hasn't gotten back to me and I am running out of time! Any suggestions would be ever so appreciated!

ETA: I like Metallica, but what I like most about singing/yelling Karaoke is that I really don't have to sing at, Delly Bean you make a very fine suggestion of singing AC/DC. I would also like to sing Megadeth's Sweating Bullets, but alas, they never have it! Regarding the birdhouse thing...the reasoning for the pattern is I would actually like to make it into a convertible purse. Not to mention I suck at needlefelting.

Though I am no longer fond of Metallica because they're not about the fans any more, nice, if I were to do Karaoke ever again, I would do something by AC-DC because your Metallica selection is inspiring.

What about needle felting? You don't need a pattern, just some hunks of different coloured fleece.
ah yes, Enter can't go wrong with that one :o)
Shteeni rocked the house!!
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