Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey Lori!

Here's my response to this post. And now I am done. Don't talk to me, about me, for me or anything. As I have said before, there is only so much bitching and moaning a person can take! You are not willing to change anything about yourself to make anything better. You would rather have people pity you than take responsibility for you part in things. By the way, being supportive is not agreeing all the time, it is also pointing out things that could be worked on. If I am a bad person because I call you on it...well so be. Go cry to Mommy and run her into the poor house because you can't be a BIG GIRL and get a job. Constructive criticism is not agreeing with you.
Shut up, stop whining and get a real life!

Lori says the following:

Thanks to Laura and everyone else who has given me their support and
advice. I truely appreciate it because I know that when you tell me there is
something I need to change it is because you truely want to help and not
bash me to make yourselves feel better.

I think it is funny that you are so self centered that you think that other people feel better by "bashing" you. I don't need to bash anyone to make myself feel better. I also really don't need anyone telling me whether or not I am a good person, mother, etc. I don't talk to my mother because she acts the exact same way you do.

K, now we need to get back to the whole I'm selling my stash for charity thing...

You say you don't go around bashing people, than what's this comment you left on someone elses website...

Christine said...
Can't take what? Are you drinking again, oh that's right you've found a new addiction ~ codependency. Isn't that enabling?

2:35 PM

You can bash me but she can't defend me? Why can you call people names but no one can call you on it?

And, why do you only post comments that try and make everyone else look bad but not the ones that make you look like a vindictive, manipulative individual?

At least my friends have the courage to stand up to you and identify themselves in the process and not hide behind anonymity.

I signed my name you FREAK, you are an asshole. why would anyone give you the time of day. You sound like you have a lot of issues you need to resolve and stop accusing other people of your own faults. at least christine can wake up every morning knowing she is a good person, it must suck waking up being miserable everyday, In ten years you will still be a miserable person with a lot of miles on you. you need to STEP UP TO THE PLATE.

Oh would you look at that. A friend that can stand up for herself. Would you like her telephone number, so you know she's real? BTW, the post clearly states that the whole discussion is in the comments. And if you notice, my blog is still here, I have nothing to hide from. I am still waiting for a private email, but I am under the impression that you won't be emailing me, because you know I know alot more and am holding back and won't in email. Don't you. And you really should clean up the dog poo, your house smells.
Okay now it is my turn

In Kevin's defense, he tried to go back to Ct and make things work, he did not speak to me for more than a month, and then only to say hi. Only when he realized that things there would not work did he and I start to talk. It was more than a year before we saw each other. I admit I only know Kevin's side of the story and what he has told me, but for my part, I do not live my life in the past, I live in the now, learn from the past and pray for the future. I don't have any regrets except for wasted time. I KNOW Kevin loves his girls and is trying to do what's best for them. Unfortunately they have been made to believe he is the only one to do wrong in this. I don't believe they have ever met the Kevin I know, the one who smiles and laughs. They only one they know the one Lori has made miserable. As far as the comments about me not wanting him to have a relationship with the girls, nothing could be farther from the truth. I hope one day he can have a great relationship and I can too. I would have loved to have met them when I was in New York, but they did not want to and so Kevin and I respected that. Okay so I opened it up now everyone can bash me, I have a blog site, but haven't had time to set it up. Thanks for letting me say what I had to say here.
Hi Paige,
The first comment on Kevin's blog was out of anger... for a friend. I usually keep myself in check and realize that there are 2 sides to every story, unfortunately I get easily suckered in by hurting kids. Keep your chin up, if you two are happy. The quicker the divorce the better. It will a cold day in hell before she lets up on the bashing. Blogwise or otherwise. The problem is instead of fixing what's broken with herself, she wants to play the blame game. You can get my email from my profile if you ever want to vent. My friends like me because I am HONEST and try very hard not to sugar coat things. It's funny when you stand back for a bit and can start comprehending the bigger picture. I have been asked by my husband to stop giving her head time without her paying rent. So I am going to try to put this to rest. I hope you have a nicer day. I won't bash you. I think you have a lot of gumption coming into this fire! Good for you!
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