Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And the sale is on...

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Please note all proceeds will be going to Charity! And there will be more! This is all I could keep my attention attached to at the moment!

Cascade Fixation... $2.50 each or $15 for all

Bernat Soft Boucle ... $5 for all 5

KOIGU... paid $33 willing to let it go for $15 (I have 3 persons behind a Scissor Squadder~ Annie?)

Noro Silk Garden pd $11 each willing to let go for $10 both

I bought this to make Wendy at Knit and Tonic's Girlfriend tank. How's about $10 for the 2 (cost about $30)

The original Mission Falls Cotton... $5 for all three?
Special Thanks to Keri for donating an additional $15 to my charity!
More Mission Falls... how about $10 for all?

I have no idea where or when I got this...just that you can have all 3 for $5

Here's Gracie... So I want you all to know that any of the money collected before Friday will be donated to the Group Home I was in when I was a teenager. So not only do I get a more organized stash I get to give back to a place that has and continues to do so much for me! Thanks in advance for your help. Please email me at

Yoohoo sweetie...can I have the Fixation and the Koigu? I'd love to send them to Katy...

Paypal okay?

I just sent you an email about the mission falls cotton if it's still available!
I might go for that fixation if it is the Margarita colourway :)
Didja sell the Sock It To Me stuff??? I'll take that!

Jan B.
I am so glad that someone already spoke up for the Koigu. Because I am on a yarn diet until at least the end of this month--but I was just about to make an exception... :)
I'll take the Silk Garden! Love the colors and the idea! You can email me at curlsocATyahooDOTcom.
I'll take the Koigu...boy, am I glad I said something last night! :) Guess I better get my blogless but in gear, too, huh?
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