Monday, February 06, 2006

Ya gotta love Google

So in my angst today... I decided to Google Grey's Anatomy...and I found the greatest thing since sliced bread!

I got to watch the whole episode start to finish with no commercials, right here at my puter. This site apparently hosts video...and I have a pirates dancing video from my last day in Mexico that I may try to upload, just so I know it works :)

Oh yeah, back to what I was talking about... So I went to the site and just did a search for Grey's Anatomy and there are a whole bunch of scenes, episodes, compilations, etc.

Go now, I can wait, have fun.

Thanks for all your help everyone...and by the way... Not too happy with the cliff hanger either!


i loved the episode & want to see it again, but with no tivo & no forethought...

thank you, a million times over!
They were definitly going for cliff hangers to catch the post-superbowl audience. I think there was more action in that episode than there was in the post-superbowl Alias a few years back. :)

I'm resisting the link because I don't have time to play long this morning... but I doubt I will resist long!
That is sooo cool! I watched it this morning, thanks for the FYI!
Very cool site! I'll have to see if I can catch last week's season finale of "Surface".

By the way, don't ya love Grey's Anatomy?
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