Friday, February 17, 2006


So, I know some of you are dying to know what has transpired over the Au Pair thing (yeah, right). She didn't feel well last week so she cancelled and hopefully it will happen today.

LYS Issues...
Well I had to go to the LYS that was 10 minutes from my house, because otherwise I couldn't get my sleeves started...but alas, she didn't have the correct length of Addi Turbos for me to be able to do Magic Loop, so yesterday, I made the Trek to Knit Together and got the correct length and also found out that they sell Mountain Colors Bearfoot! Yay. It was really busy in there and I had the 3 little ones, so no real time to check out all of the changes!

I have also decided that I either need to sell some of my stash or start knitting away, because as the title suggests, I am being wasteful. This weekend, I'll have to dedicate some of my Olympic Knitting time to Olympic Organizing Time... Mr. Clean (HWWTS&J) decided, while I was away, that none of my knitting belongs on the main floor of the house and banished it upstairs. And lets just say he made a mess up there!

Sorry no pictures today. ( I am a little disappointed in the lack of progress yesterday )

Have a good day and maybe I'll have some pictures of my stash closet and progress later!

Looking forward to progress pictures. :) I was too busy knitting last nite to get any pictures taken - made lots of progress though! :)
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