Monday, February 06, 2006

Tivos, DVRs and not enough space!

I was so proud of myself last night...

Let's start off with, while I was away HWWTS&J messed up the DVR taping schedule. So 2 weeks missed of Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Medium and it just brings me to tears, so I'll not embarrass myself by telling you all the shows I tape...(I fall asleep watching tv so this to me is a necessity)

During Superbowl XL, I remembered that perhaps I hadn't fixed all of my taping and one of my absolute favorite shows was going to come on after superbowl. Well, because said football game ran over past 10pm....guess what i taped....

The ass end of said football game and half of the McDreamy show... The ER Nazi was having a baby whilst her hubby was getting surgery from a car accident... the code black and then...NOTHING... geesh!

Did anyone tape it???? Any bribe takers? HELP!!!!

Hey- I taped it on my TIVO! Let me check later on tonight and I'll see if I get it all. I'll send you what happened!
Even ended with a CLIFFHANGER. My friend and I watching were ready to beat up some ABC execs...
I JUST deleted it from my Tivo because I watched it last night and Im starting to run low on room - Im sorry!

They did end with a cliff hanger, and if no one has it for you Id be happy to share whatever I remember.... despite leaving us hanging (and jonsing for the next new episode) it was a good show.
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