Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic Update

10 February
2:15pm half of the stitches to my HGS cast on.
2:30pm joined the round
3:15pm 3 rounds done (don't look at me like that, I kept thinking I twisted my stitches!)
11 February
I have knit approximately 9,254 stitches so far. I have just finished the decreases and now it is just time to keep knitting until I reach 6 and a quarter inches.
Are you wondering why I would be up this early, when I should be getting my anti-cranky sleep. HWWTS&J figures if he has to get up to plow, we should all be up, just kidding. Gracie decided that while he was plowing she'd like to cause a big ruckus!
ON a VERY sad note:
Go Visit Sarah and Mary... they lost their cat Flane yesterday to Cancer. We lost our Timmy (AKA Boogie) the same way a couple of years ago, so when I read about it on thier blogs, I was moved to tears! Go give them some cyber love.

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