Saturday, February 04, 2006

More Mexico

Oh Dear Jaywalker, RIP... I got so far on my trip to Mexico and alas you are now spaghetti!
Sunset from a Sunset Cruise on the Buccaneer Queen in Cabo San Lucas. (Although parts of my trip were not too much fun, I would definitely recommend this particular excursion!)
Sunset on the Ship!
This is to be known from now on as the "Jaywalker Burn" You see, I am stubborn, really stubborn and I was first asked if I would like some sunblock...I of course refused! Then I proceeded to keep saying just one more row and I'll relax in the sun, which became, well just one more repeat, onto well it's not much further to the heel...etc.
Ah, and yet another sunset shot from the ship!

So, at the end of the trip we are getting ready to board the plane and low and behold some moron drove the baggage conveyor right into the plane... the nose to be exact and OMG left a gaping hole... so after waiting four (that's right 4) hours in line wearing flip flops and standing the whole time, I was able to get a flight into LAX with a 4 hour layover to head to JFK. I slept alot in LAX and on the red eye home. Did I mention that Nextel doesn't work in Cabo? Can you imagine the horror of HWWTS&J when I told him not to bother leaving, that he would have to pick me up in NY instead in the morning. Oh, and to make matters worse, I got that special tag on my boarding pass that gets the "random" feel down and rummage through stuff...too bad for the guy that was going through my stuff, it was mostly laundry. So the only way I will EVER go to Mexico again is if we drive or arrive by boat (Cruise).

aack! Why is Jaywalker spaghetti? Nice pictures!
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