Monday, February 27, 2006

Gold or No Gold...

There will be no Gold for me!

I was moving along quite well, until I messed up the positioning of the markers and had I not been so anal, I would have made it, but not me, uh uh, nope...had to rip it out and figure out how to get those stitches back on the circular needle (never did that before). Then when I was just getting my groove on...bam...the ick. Having kids makes you get the ick more often than not...I should have equated that in when picking my project!

The ick is almost gone and I am almost at the turning point of the collar! I will keep trucking today. And I promise pictures later! :)

i didn't make gold either ;( better luck for the both of us in another two years!
Sorry to hear you won't be able to make it tomorrow night! Don't feel bad about not finishing the sweater, I have my dad's girlfriend's sweater on the needles since almost a year ago, just can't get motivated to finish it!
Go! Go! Go! You can do it! :)
well good on yah for tryine girl, you almost mad and as we have heard in Canada this week, comin in 4th is admirable, we had 14 fourths and just think about how many medals we of had if you got one for that, so keep pluggin along!
I hope you feel better soon! Keep on keeping on :o)
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