Monday, February 20, 2006


I hereby recognize in a public forum, that I am difficult. You either love me or hate me and there really isn't an in between. I understand. I accept responsibility for my opinions, vices, actions, etc.

I find that people love to blame thier childhood's, parents, and anyone else that they point the finger at, instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions. I am not perfect, I have pointed the finger in the past, but do you know what I have learned? I've learned that when you point your finger at someone, you are pointing 4 more back at yourself.

And that Boys and Girls is your lesson for today :)

There have been examples of the blame people floating around in my head for a couple of weeks now and while I am very opinionated, I will not be pointing fingers because I don't like to have the 4 pointing back at me. I have been trying to keep in mind that my actions cause reactions and maybe those wouldn't be appropriate right now.

Good food for thought. Thank you for this
You are so very wise Christine. I often find myself in the blaming game. Thanks for the lesson!
no blaming is a good plan, the hgs looks great!
There is a long history of blaming in my family (I usually end up the blame-ee) and I wish more people would not point fingers. We would all get along so much better...

I'm also 'difficult' - hence the reason why I don't speak to most members of my family ;o)
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