Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cranky Olympic Knitter

I would post pictures, but I am tired and have to leave my house at 5am to get to the farthest airport in the tristate area to bring the eldest to go see her dad... I am cranky and haven't gotten very far on my sleeves.
That's another story...a not so funny one to me, you might feel differently.
I haven't yet tried to make 2 circular items on one circular needle until now. And funny thing is, I was plugging along spectacularly until the sleeves. I have had to tink back at least 6 times because I connected the 2 tubes. Geesh. Now I also had to make the medium sizing, because, um, I have a wide back, yeah that's it. My fear is that the arms are going to be way, way, way too long! I will have to do some calculating after a nap tomorrow!

OMG... I finally got to watch Curling and I so love it!

There's a reason I've only done two socks on circs once and you are living it.

Curling rocks! My friend Deb and I started a curling team for the Olympics - you should grab the button!
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