Friday, February 17, 2006

Brightening my Horizons

I have been thinking of getting a blog that I can do more with!
I am looking at Typepad and PrettyPosies.
Any thoughts????
I am looking for witty names for my new space too. I feel a contest coming!

Here are the reasons... I'd like categories and to be able to email people from the comments and to have the ability to know how many comments I have, etc.

I'm using the Wordpress platform for blogging & love it. They recently launched a free hosted blog service at (I installed their software on my domain). Looking forward to seeing your new blog adventures. :)
Forget Pretty Posies... I contacted her and got the cold shoulder. Although it advertises as if its open, she only hosts her friends. I'm also on wordpress and howst through Dreamhost--I found typepad didn't have any felxibility! You can try the different levels for 30 days each though. I recommend playing around on typepad before you make a final decision.
I use typepad and I am very happy with them. You can give them a try free for 30 days :).
i think upgrading to anoter site is great! i didn't have the guts to do it, thought i would lose some readers....
I did blogger, typepad, blogspirit and now am hosting my own. If you have any knowledge at all about web design that might be the best way to go. I use siteground for my hosting and they're very helpful. ~J
I like typepad. Any issues with design or snags have always been resolved within 24 hours. I don't have much time to devote to web design so for the 8.95 per month that I spend, its worth it to me. Good luck with your decision!
Word Press Word Press Word Press!!! Im hosting thru HasWeb (AMAZING service, great rates and solid reliability!!

WP is very very flexible, and the support community is extensive!

Think I like Word Press? *s*
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