Monday, January 09, 2006

NO real quotes today sooo.....

Just some thoughts of the day...

HWWTS&J was really sick this weekend. Whiny sick with fevers, coughing and sniveling. IN his sleep he contaminated me by hugging and coughing, etc. So I feel oh so crappy! I had to miss a very important Doctor's appointment. Because when I get sick, if I take anything or don't, I fall asleep driving and the Doctor is about 40 miles away.

IT is no matter, she'll probably reschedule for April or May and then maybe I can get my vitamin regimen up to date ;)

I have decided that the money I would have spent at the two LYS that I mentioned a couple of days ago, I will use to buy audio books for my iPod. I just purchased Memoirs of a Geisha. Yay!!!

I hope you feel better!
Uch, I just got over something myself. I hope you and yours feel better soon.
And Memoirs is a great book!
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