Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hubba Hubba times 24

Oh, the waiting and was it worth it. Yes, I am talking about the season premiere of 24. I have such a crush on Keifer Sutherland! You can bet your buns I'll be tuning in tomorrow to see the second half!!!

Okay on to the important stuff...

That is the SET sock numero uno. I know, you may say to me, "wasn't that due months ago?" and I would have to say well, yes. But, better late than never and of course I will include make up gifties :) But Shteeni's got her groove if the groove could go to cleaning the house... HWWTS&J would do backflips and I sure would love to see that ;)

So now that I have divulged my lust for another and shown you that I am grooving is time for me to hit the sack. You know, over 30... I need my beauty sleep... or something.

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