Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So, I have never set any goals for myself. *gasp* I know, how can I expect to accomplish anything with out setting what I think needs to be accomplished.

Funny, isn't it.

NO resolutions here...just goals.

Laundry... get more of it done, in a more timely manner.
Knitting... finish projects I have started before starting anymore! (It looks as if I may have to give up my yarn closet for a stretch)
Cleaning... set a schedule and keep to it.
Bedtime... somehow, figure out a way to get all of my children to go to sleep before 10pm eta~ they are in bed before this time, just not sleeping.
Reading(okay listening)... buy some good books on audio instead of so much yarn...oh the horror.
Lists... make them and follow through!
Tolerance... must.be.more.tolerant.of.others.

I am sure there will be more to add on another day.

I think I may make myself a list every week and cross off as things get done. (That way I am more accountable, if someone else can see it)

Here's to hoping everyone had a lovely weekend.

Hey Sis =)
I hope the kids are feeling better =)

I'm gonna call you soon. I just got your message today. My voicemail hates me and gives me messages only when they're over-due.

Love you! *hugs*
Oh the resolutions! I am with you on most...except I put my kids to bed by 8:30 tired or not...that's my knitting time! Hey, I have a pickle ornamnet for my tree...I am part German but learned of the tradition when I bought the ornament. It's fun times!
I think you have some great goals. It's always good to write them down, so when in doubt, you can look back at your list :) Hugs to you and your family!
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