Friday, January 20, 2006

Give me a P!

Give me an R!
Give me an O!
Add Gress and what does that spell? PROGRESS!

On lots of fronts....

Gracie is crawling and pulling herself up (my knitting stuff is officially in jeapordy)

And are those two, yep two, SET socks I see????

This is Gracie with her Beannie "Grazie" Thanks MA!

The first of the SET Socks!
The first finished SET sock.
Proof that I am not reposting pictures :)

Isn't someone doing some sort of "Skywatching" Thing? This was a picture of the trees and sky in my front yard, yesterday...too pretty to pass up.

Did I tell you I am going away? I am, I am. All by my lonesome, which is a little disturbing, but also exciting. My eldest's teacher just had a baby 2 days ago, so I plan on making a baby sweater. And I just recieved the information for Project Return's Annual Birdhouse I plan on getting my stuff together on that (the birdhouses are due by February 7, which doesn't interfere with the Knitting Olympics.

I plan to design and knit something bird related...wish me luck.

Oh, are you wondering where I am going? Huh, huh? I am going to Vegas for a Convention and then I am off to Cabo San Lucas....sans hubby and kids. Can I handle it? We'll see!

Too bad you're not coming to So.Cali, I would love to do a yarn crawl with you! :) Sounds like a lot of fun alone time!
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