Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 3 Quote

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ~Edgar Degas

I would like to make a shout out to LYS owners. You shouldn't make comments about other people's stores unless you are prepared for it to get back to them. I have noticed that it seems, here, in the state that I live in the store owners are catty. Well, lets be fair... Knit Together and The Needlework Shoppe have always been kind and nothing has ever gotten back to me otherwise.

There are two stores in particular that will not be getting any more of my business, due to the shop owners comments about other shop owners. And note, just because you didn't say it to me, doesn't mean that I won't hear about it.
End of Rant.

We have all been sickly on and off since Christmas...yuck. H & T were both in my bed last night and they are not peaceful sleepers. Ouch. So depending on the tiredness factor, I hope to have pictures for your viewing pleasure tonight!

Would you be willing to e-mail me more details? I wouldn't want to support a store like that either.
Christine, I hope I didn't upset you with what I said about that certain store. I know that I won't go back after how I felt there.
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