Saturday, January 21, 2006

Betcha didn't know...

I am such a sucker for babies. I hate being pregnant, but love babies (not enough to snatch any, so don't worry) I love to look at newborn babies! Last night while in Target, there was a baby there that just had to be smaller than any kid I've ever gotten out of me :) She was so cute. Then I wake up and find on Mom's Blog, that she helped deliver a baby over the last 36 hours....Go look, I'll wait. Too Cute!

So, I have realized that I am already starting to feel separation anxiety (isn't this only supposed to happen to the kid?) The older kids will be fine, I am confident, and besides they are staying with Daddy, but Gracie, she's my last baby and in a week, who knows she could be walking ;)

I am not a mushy person, by any stretch, but for some reason, I am worried and sad to be leaving.

In other news, HWWTS&J has to give me the credit card back, or I can't sign in to the hotel room. HA! Oh, to foil the husbands plans! Too bad I won't be bringing the laptop (I don't want the responsibility of losing it!) So no email for me, unless by chance, I happen to go to the little offices. Those of you who know me...I'll have my cell phone, if you need to talk or something!

Monday will be my last email/post day. I'm bringing the camera and will post on February 1st.

The Weekend Quote~ Anything is Possible...

HAVE FUUUUUUUN! I can't wait to hear all about it! :)
Oh I am so excited for you! Have fun! Things will take care of themselves and know we will miss you :)
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