Monday, December 05, 2005


Hopefully this will be my last SP6 post...

I am sure I have put off a lot of people...but for just one minute...step into my realm.
From the very start...there has been nothing but aggravation. Why? Because people refuse to read before leaving nasty anonymous comments.
I tried to be as clear as possible and more nasty comments.
I am sorry if you are/were doing what you were supposed to and didn't like your gifts or how it worked out, etc. But honestly, there are people who didn't get anything. I understand that you all joined for different reasons. Some of you wanted to receive some of you wanted to give. And it seems, some of you, just wanted to dole out abuse.
It seems like some of the hostesses were luckier than others.
If you are considering being a hostess, please reconsider...there are alot of selfish and nasty people who have nothing better to do than hurt other persons feelings.
I know, Rox, you warned me. And you know what, I think I would have been okay, if I didn't have lots of stuff going on in the homefront.
Unfortunately, I have come very close to "nervous breakdown" status. To the point where I have asked HWWTS&J to take me to the there you go, unstable Christine at her best. (And no, it's not from the SP thing)
I do want to say, however, that the nice people are extremely nice and should be applauded and yes, I have made friends and am very grateful.

(hug) Sounds like you need a hug today!
Christine, I am SO SORRY people have been so cruel in this round of SP. It sucks that a handful of people can ruin it for everyone else. If it makes you feel any better, I am glad you were my hostess, and found you to be nothing but helpful and kind. Screw all those jerks out there giving you a hard time when you are busting your butt to do something that is supposed to be FUN. Thank you for all you have done, and hang in there.
Sending hugs your way! You're doing a great job!
I am so sorry things have been so tough for you! I can't believe how bitchy people can be when this is supposed to be fun! I mean, really, what is their problem? The rules are very simple. If you don't like the game, don't play. Not one of your posts upset or offended me. Perhaps that is because I followed the rules?

Mean people just flat out suck.
People really suck and they should just go away. I'm so sorry that they have been so mean to you. You've done a great job with SP6 and don't deserve their crap. What's with the trip to the hospital????? CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!
And now I am feeling terribly guilty. Not because I have complained about you (I haven't), but because I am your SP6, and I have not put your final package in the mail yet. After putting up with all that, you deserve better.

I feel honored to get to spoil one of the hostesses. I haven't for one minute thought of hosting myself, but I am impressed by the work y'all are doing so that so many of the rest of us can have this bit of fun. For every complaint you get, remember that there are a hundred folks who are quietly enjoying the game, and you have made that possible.

The short version: your package is running late, but I have not forgotten about you.
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