Friday, December 16, 2005

This is the year....

That I am not going to stress over making everyone elses Christmas nice. It is my job to make my family happy (immediate that is). Did I tell you that we got all of our Christmas shopping done online...yep, I was happy! Until HWWTS&J got an email from stating that their suppliers were out of a few items (almost the whole order) and they weren't sure when they were going to get them...mind you...when placing the order the items were "in stock" I, then, shot off an email to them, and wonder upon wonder, our stuff came shortly after.
Well, today I ask HWWTS&J if he had received an email from ... his reply was "I don't know, go check my email account" I check and he received an email on 12/8 stating that the bulk of the order has an estimated delivery date of 12/28. Geesh. Well, I have emailed them as well. I am not even able to access the order through their site. Cross your fingers, as most of the presents are there. (We went light this year, the kids got a couple of toys each) So...still no pictures. I have a small little dinner tomorrow and I must overnight my Ornamental gifties tomorrow. Still working on the SET socks and Hollis' socks. I would really, really, like to make something for myself, but the guilt of the set socks won't let me sleep at night as it is.... Socks wanting to eat me, but can't because they aren't even closed at one end...the horror.

I am just happy to let it be...

One more thing.... To my spoiler for SP6, I do not believe that you will let me down :) I am fully aware of the problems that can arise during this time of year. I will continue to wait patiently.

Your gift made it into the mail on Wednesday! Yay! Hopefully it will get to you in time for Christmas... maybe even before that Amazon order. :)
I'm also still working on your SET socks - one is finished, and I'm happy with it so I am NOT letting myself frog it again. That's about the third time I've finished the first sock, hehe.

HI Christine! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! Sending you lots of hugs...
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