Friday, December 02, 2005

Ten things...

TEN random things you might not know about me.
10. I like to stick my foot in my mouth on a regular basis...see #9
9. I speak before I think.
8. Sometimes I can't talk, because my brain is going faster than my mouth.
7. I do not recall most of my childhood.
6. I have to push myself to hug and kiss my children.
5. It is strenuous to even play a board game with my children.
4. I hate decorating Christmas Trees.
3. I can't cook.
2. I love to bake.
1. I am at least 20 pounds overweight.
NINE places I’ve visited
9. Canada
8. Mexico
7. Maine
6. California
5. Arizona
4. Vermont
5. Florida
4. Georgia
3. New York City
2. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison estates
1. The Moon (in the wierd dreams I have)
EIGHT ways to win my heart
7. Yarn
6. Kindness
5. Understanding
4. Being kind to Children
3. Being spiritual (in any way you can)
2. Patience
1. Did I mention food
SEVEN things I want to do before I die
7. Repierce my nose
6. Fly an airplane
5. Scuba Dive in Australia
4. Hang out in Hawaii for at least a month
3. Travel all over Europe
2. Get my Irish Citizenship (just cuz it's possible)
1. Make money doing something I love.
SIX things I’m afraid of
6. Spiders
5. Being alone
4. My children hating me
3. Deadlines
2. Nursing Homes (not the people in them, but the possiblity of being put in one)
1. Inheriting Mental Illness
FIVE things I don't like
5. Chicken Liver.
4. Hateful/predjudiced people
3. Leeches (of the human breed)
2. Lying/liars
1. Pumpkin Pie (it always goes back to food with me, huh?)
FOUR ways to turn me off
4. Being disrespectful to a family member or friend in front of me.
3. Not speaking English properly.
2. Inability to follow simple directions
1. Backstab
THREE Things I do everyday
3. Tell my children I love them
2. Feed said children
1. Listen to music
TWO things that make me happy
2. Each of my children's smiles
1. Food
ONE thing on my mind right now
1. How I hope MOM isn't mad at me... I didn't mean it.

Baby girl, why on earth would you think I was mad at you? I love you and I worry about you and I know how busy you are and I miss you and I'll call tomorrow to find out just why you'd think I was mad at you!

Big hugs and smooches,
What a great post...thanks for sharing. Also, for the following:TWO things that make me happy
2. Each of my children's smiles

This one actually counts as 5 things!!!!! (Aren't they the best?)

1. Food (Oh yea, food's really good too...LOL)
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