Wednesday, December 21, 2005


OMGoodness! Here is what my Secret Pal sent to me! Woohoo! Yep, those are 5 balls of a cashmere blend yarn, 3 skeins of Cotton Ease, Candy and the Lucinda Guy Book. You so rock. Thanks for adding the fun back into SP! Go say hi to Katie (the link is in Secret Pal)
Adele sent me all of this! I am waiting for a link to her new blog and I will happily link!
Yesterday my sister, Kendra, came over and we took pictures for her and my stepmom for Christmas. This is a sepia version of the picture. Aren't they all so cute????

Okay~ I have more ornaments to make!!!!

(See, there are some happy days!!!!) = D

Yay! I'm glad this package arrived punctually (especially since I was so late in getting it in the mail), and I'm glad you like it.
Great pic of your sis and the kids. They ARE so cute! :)
You are soooooo lucky! I'm jealous of all you sp stuff. The picture is great. We'll have to start calling them the Barefoot Bunch...LOL

Have a great day!!!
Hi Christine,

I just wanted to make sure that you received your package from the you know you knit too much contest. I haven't heard from you, so let me know if you got it (I hope its not lost!)! :-)
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