Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I heart IPOD!

No Blogging, No Knitting, No anything...just me and my Harry Potter on Audio and my IPOD. I forgot to mention that Saturday, December 10 was mine and HWWTS&J anniversary(wedding). Can you guess what he bought me??? If you guessed an IPOD, right you are!!!! And now I am addicted to listening to the Harry Potter Books (got all 6 with my IPOD) Now, the hard part is deciding what music I would like to listen to on it!!! We (HWWTS&J and I) have a very eclectic collection of music. Although, I have been trying to upload 20 CD's per day and I am running around frantically trying to find all of my Christmas CD's first. =P I am still trying to find my camera cord and I have to do the rest of my Christmas shopping! Arrggghhh... Need. More. Time. To. Play.

dude, i so know what you mean! it's like i have to dig out all of my cd's to put them on there and i can't put them on there fast enough! crazy, i tell you. just crazy!
i hate that they keep coming out with newer, better versions, though. when i bought my 20 GB ipod with a click wheel, i thought i was rockin! then they come out with ipod color with video, the mini series, the nano series...jeez! the speed of technology is leaving me in the dust!
I totally relate. I LOVE my 4 gig iPod. I didn't have that many CDs, so I've been borrowing friends and downloading off iTunes. My son bought his own 20 gig with birthday money and I swear he only takes out the ear buds for dinner and a shower. He loves it!
OOooooo fun! I'm sending a few jealous vibes your way, but hopefully you won't hear them over the jamming on the iPod. :)

(And I am super glad that you have a new toy to play with, because perhaps it will distract you from waiting for your terrible SP6 to finally get a package off to you! But rumor is that the much of the homework that exploded in the past few weeks has been cleaned up and turned in, so your package just might get into the mail tomorrow.)
I can so totally relate, smile! I too have the Harry Potter series on my ipod. I llooovvvveeeee my ipod. Happy Anniversary to you!
My husband gave my an Ipod as a wedding gift and it is super fab! I have a ton of music on it but I have been wondering, wondering how to get books on my ipod. Do you know?
Can you feel the envy all the way over the seas? I had the use of my son's Ipod during my recent trip, and it was torture having to give it up. (But I don't have a use for it when I'm not on the road, so I should just buck up and accept my Ipod-less life.)

Oh, and BTW--thank you for all your hard work on SP6. Ignore the crabapples; I had the best time both spoiling and being spolied. You rock for all the effort you put into making SP6 a success!
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