Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Addressing Issues

Secret Pal~
I felt attacked. I am not a nasty person, as I see someone has mentioned on their blog (with a link)~no, I will not be linking back to that person, because 1. it is her blog and her opinion, 2. I have come to realize that people in the blogosphere don't know me, so I really shouldn't care.
Being a good parent~
I am a great parent~ yeah, I have to work at hugging and playing with my kids, but that's because noone did those things with me~ and the key words being work at. They get hugged and kissed and loved, not only by me but by my husband. I work hard at being a good parent. I know people who grew up in "perfect families" and are a ton worse off than me. I know parents that were doted on all through their lives to only grow up to be selfish. You can ask anyone that really has met or seen me and my children...and they can tell you. I work hard, very hard, and I love them all. Not one of my children would ever leave someone a nasty comment, because they would think of the persons feelings first.
Bad Days~
Look, people have bad days. December is a hard month for me. When I did that 10 things, I forgot that I normally don't put very personal things on this blog. I am sorry if I horrified you that I don't like putting up the Christmas Tree~ It is up, by the way ~but, I used to get beat every year putting it up, because I wouldn't put the ornaments in the proper places. So heres what happens in my house: HWWTS&J brings the Christmas Tree in, puts it up, I do the lights, The Kids put the ornaments where ever they want to, I come back and fill in the top. And they like it that way, and HWWTS&J likes it that way, and most of all, I like it that way. My kids will like the month of December and all that it brings.
So in closing~
My children are happy, they are given a beautiful life and taught how to respect others and themselves. I love them and they love me.

I've met you and your family and have never thought you were a bad parent. I've seen you working very hard at all you do and I know that your children are all loved. They are all loving and respectful and I know this because my 10 year old is best friends with your 10 year old and if she didn't get good friendship and respect she wouldn't be friends with her at all. So There!!!! We love you and don't you forget it!!!
You are under some STRESS! I have no doubts about your parenting and I think it was wonderful that you worte the truth! I guess it would come off kind of wierd to people. but if they really cared, they would have asked WHY before bashing you...
You know what - you've had to put up with a lot of crap these past 3 months. The secret pal thing is supposed to be fun for the participants, but there are some that will ruin it every time. Is that your fault? OF COURSE NOT!!!!! I saw nothing wrong with your post on the SP6 blog, people are just too self centered it seems. And as for that blogger that made those horrible comments about you and your parenting skills - you don't owe her or anyone else any explanations. That was just incredibly insensitive of her, and I bet she would never say anything like that to your face. You worked damn hard on this and for little to no reward or even thanks. I didn't like playing board games with my kids, does that make me a bad mother? Keep your chin up, ok?
I really don't understand people at all anymore. Think any one of these bitchy people would say any of this to your face? No, they hide behind anononimity (however you spell it) and the coldness of the internet. For a game that is supposed to be fun, there sure are alot of miserable people out there. How DARE she question your parenting!! Some of these people are really pissing me off. I wish I could find her post. Game on, I tell you.

I'm so sorry, Christine, that there are such mean people out there.
I am so sorry you are having such a bad time lately. I think we should all live by the "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" maxim, esp. when leaving comments on blogs!
I guess some people have no life and spend their free time tearing others down.
Sending hugs...
I think you should let it roll off your back. If these people walked in your shoes, would they be so quick to judge? I think NOT! All of the SP6 hostesses did a great job. It is supposed to be FUN!!!!!
Hey baby...I love you. And you'd be amazed at how many others love and respect you as well.

As for Little Miss Anonymous, the only thing she really deserves is to be pitied. Such a trite and petty life she must lead.

I'm amazed that you made it through with your sanity...keep it up kiddo. Only 25 days until the New Year!

Big Mommy Hugs to YOU!
I want to personally thank you for all the time and energy it took to host SP6! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU! Hang in there and you have absolutely nothing to appologize for!!!
hey christine! thanks for participating in my contest :) don't forget to email me your snail mail address.
wow, you sound so stressed :( the internet is so one-dimensional. i wish people would lighten up and not take things so literally. just doing my little contest was time consuming; i can't imagine the stress you experienced hosting SP6! thank goodness it's over.
take care & aloha!
You know, I dont understand why people have to be so rude and mean. The crafting community is suppose to be a tight "knit" (hehe) group of people and some people out there just like to ruin it. There are always going to be people in the Secret Pal Exchange that crap out on the pal. It happens, get over it and move on. I didn't participate in SP6 but anyone who is willing to do all the work to host or help host this exchange is a great person in my book. Keep your head up and ignore those people out there who need to grow up :)
Oh Christine, I wasn't in your hostessing group, but I have seen your suffering on your blog and on the SP6 blog. I would tell you to just let it roll off your back, but I realize that's much easier said than done. Just know that you are a good person, a good parent, and mean people are to be ignored. And don't forget to breathe deeply!
Oh Christine! That was really not nice of that person. And also so cowardly too! I'm sorry that you have to deal with nasty people honey. You are a good mother, and there is no way in heaven nor on earth does not enjoying putting up the Christmas tree make you a bad person. That was a horrible thing for that lady to say. She doesn't even KNOW you! I'm sorry you've got to put up with crap like that.

I'm sending hugs and lots of love your way! Love Kate
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