Thursday, September 15, 2005

Welcome to the Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived Knitter

Okay, My Sockapal2za socks are soooo due today...uh, oh. Can you say too much on my plate. Fear not, pal. I am so close to finishing, I can taste it. But.... I have a very painful pain in my neck. Do you think a leftover percacet (from my last c-section) would help???? Also, I wanted to make something special for a present I got for my pal. I promise I will hurrrrrrryyyyyy!

So I am standing in the shower, trying to hot water attack the pain in my neck, I am listening to Bare Naked Ladies... he he... so so so and I come to the realization that I have no idea what the heck a "Chesterfield" is. Will one or more of my Canadian readers, please, please, please, enlighten me :)

Well, remember last night, when I said I am going to bed. I did and whilst in bed, HWWTS&J had Rockstar INXS on. I sooooo knew Suzie was a goner... I wish her the best of luck! But, back to the story... he's snoring away and I am watching...then at the end he wakes up and talks through the end of the show. Then he gets himself some ice cream, and starts talking to me with ice cream in his mouth. Mind you, at this point I am so tired I can't fall asleep, he is annoying me to no end and making my neck hurt more. I hate, hate, hate when someone is talking to me with food in their mouths and I can't understand them. I hate, hate, hate when someone (HWWTS&J) talks through the most important part of a show. And I hate, hate, hate when I don't get enough sleep....again!

On a happy note, The Harlot is going to be at Rhinebeck!!!! Yay! I will not be like other bloggers, I will not be like other bloggers, I will not be like other bloggers...You will not see pictures of The Harlot on my I am a spunky one of a kind blogger! You'll see what I mean in October...mwahhhhahhhaaa

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your neck! What helps me is those thermacare heat warmers you can get at the drugstore. Once warm, there good for 8 hours! So, I put one on before I go to sleep, take a little pain killer and lay stretched out on a pillow. sometimes supporting your knees helps also to alleviate the pain. I hope something helps and you feel better soon!
In UK a chesterfield is an oldfashioned upright sofa.....
Sorry about your neck chickie - I agree with the gal who said to use heat... it helps. Welcome to the thirties eh?

Also... I just saw your note to me on someone elses blog and all I can say is ... hehehe. LOL!

My ass has only recently un-tightened after a few months of the hell you are in.

You can never say that I did not say "told ya so"! But... you know.... I'm here for ya , right?!

oh man sorry about the neck! and i know what you mean about talking with your mouth full...but what bugs me more is when people eat with their mouth OPEN! gross! i would rather not see your food as it's tenderizing please!!!!!
Chesterfields are also a brand of cigarettes..
So, did you actually get those socks finished? Sorry to hear bout your neck. Hope your feeling better soon.
Here in Canada, a chesterfield is a regular couch. Although I think only my granni uses that term! :)
Aww.. take care of yourself! I hope your neck feels better... Glad the Harlot is going to be so close to you!
sorry to hear... but on a brighter note Rhineback is in a month and I would love to meet you.
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