Monday, September 05, 2005

Sockapal2za, socks, stuff

This is a picture of my sockapal2za socks lounging in the sun on Saturday! (I know, I was making some people worry, with no updates)

Were you looking for a close up????And this is Monday night, just in time for Tuesday is Knitalong Day!

Don't forget about the Hurricane Katrina Donation Drive and my very kind friend Dorothee's contest for some smashing German Sock Wool! Check it out! Be warned, there will be no answers from me, but I will always consider bribes ;) (Just kidding Dorothee)

ETA: Those green thingies sticking out of my finished sock are sock blockers by Fiber Trends, bought especially for Sockapal2za!

Check out the side bar, much going on at Chez Shteeni!

That sock looks great! What is that teal insert sticking out of it?
*lol* that was a good one ;-)) The contest is going great! 9 entries so far, and it's closing only Friday (I think I said Friday midnight or something).
Gorgeous Socks, your pal is so lucky!!! =)
Just beautifuuuul! You are a fabulous knitter darhling! I love the yummy colors and the pattern. I am just so sad they are not for me sniff, sniff.
They turned out great! Somebody lucky will be wearing them soon.
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