Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So wonder no more...

Sort of an RAOK...he he. Look what Stacey sent for me! D- has already called dibs as I have promised her socks...lol. I won a contest on Stacey's Blog and I got my prize!!!! Thanks, Stacey!

D tried to hijack this one, too! I told her no freaking way! He he. Look at the handy work of Shannon. You rock! Are you wondering how or why I got this, well it is from Rox's and my little pet project... The Auction. Go check it out!!!! Shannon, I love the stickers and the candles and the bag and the card....Thank you, thank you!

Look what I got from my friend Lori as a belated birthday present...Woohoo for extended birthdays! I love it. It has socks and sweaters and so much more!!!!! Thank you, Lori!

And last but not least- Months ago I joined the Cigar Knit Along... And I have finally started what seems to be a very quick knit, yahoo.

Oh My Gosh! Have you called the Yarn Harlot's SOS Knit Line. I was laughing my arse off! 877/SOS-KNIT - Go call now and laugh - it's free (US & Canada)

What wonderful packages, you are so lucky! I love the cigar gloves, very chic! :)
Hi Christine!
Will you bring your new calendar to tonight's meeting? I want to see if I should buy one!
Yes, I am hoping to get out of class early enough to make it tonight :)
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