Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So where the heck are Ren and Stimpy when you need them?

Well, we have been given our groups (Idiot Proof here: The Hostesses, that is)
I am checking out all of my participants blogs and getting ready to match. Some of you, I know and some of you, I am a reader of your blog! HINT

I hope you don't mind getting me as a hostess, you know the impatience and all!

I have much planned for you chickadees!

Update soon!

Can't wait. Hurry, hurry please! (I don't know if you're MY hostess but just in case you are.)
That is cool that you guys split up the whole batch like that :) Good luck!
Thanks so much for being a hostess! I am sure it has taken quite a bit of coordination to get everything ready. Can't wait! :)
Hiya! I'm in your group and I'm so excited! Thanks again for taking this on. It'll be my second SP and I am thrilled!
Yay! I'm in your group and I am SO EXCITED. This is my first SP and I can't wait....I'm eagerly awaiting my match!
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