Thursday, August 25, 2005


I thought I was getting better! I just seem to be having good days, then really, really bad days. Today seemed good until my throat swelled! Can't. Even. Speak. I know I promised pictures, and they will come. Just. No. Energy. I have to go pick up hubby then to bed I go. Must. Rest.

feel better soon, being sick is no fun. Hmmmm since you are so under the weather let me give you a few more clues....
you comment on my blog and did just the other day. I emailed you that I was going to send you something and we chatted a bit back and forth and finally, my most recent FO was pink and blue.
:-( So sorry to hear you're still so sick. Have you been to the doctor yet? You really should go. Two years ago one of my girls had a fever and cough and the doc said it was just a virus but 7 days later (we were away on vacation in VA) we found out it had turned into Pneumonia. Hopefully it's not that or something worse (possibly bronchitis) but get to a doctor and get it checked out.....Hope you feel better and don't over do it too much....Later, Lor
I hope you feel better soon...
Oh feel better Christine! I am sending you lots of hugs :)
Hey Chick, sorry you're sick.

Oh come on, that had to at least bring the smallest smile to you?


Get well already! I miss your daily dose of blog humour!
This is weird, what is with the pictures of your socks?
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