Monday, August 08, 2005

The UFO's

Well, here it is: MY POST O' SHAME!

I can't believe that I have the attention span of a fly. Here is a group shot of my UFO's. Way too abundant for my liking :)

There are a whole lot of projects waiting in the wings... even more abundant (what's a girl to do???)

Good news!!!! I have start Sockapal2za sock #2 and yes, I will bore you with pics, even though you have seen the sister sock a bazillion times. I must look like I am accomplishing something.

On the homefront... I have a very bad habit of falling down stairs. Now, we moved in December and our new house has carpeted stairs. You would think this would keep me from falling, right? NNNNOOOOO, Come to find out... the carpeting only cushions the fall a little bit ;) ~Lori, if you are reading this...This is probably why I was a bit cranky, yesterday. Sorry.~ I am hoping that this little accident doesn't impede on my knitting today... I have lots to do, as you can tell. Let's not forget that I must keep Gracie stylish, Fall is coming, people!!!!!

Please, don't forget about the Diabetes Walk. I will post pictures soon of raffle stuff... (If you would like to donate stitch markers or any other stuff for the raffle, that'd be great too)

OMG.... Did I tell you I am one of the many co-hosts for Secret Pal 6... Go sign up now!!!

I am guessing that is it for now!!!

Beam me up, Scotty!

If that's all the UFOs you have, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about! I don't think I could fit all of my UFOs into a single picture.
Wow! That sock is pretty! What yarn/colorway is that? Also, congrats on being a co-host for SP6. Unfortunately, I don't think I am going to sign up for this one since I am leaving my job and money might be tight...But, anyways, good luck and I can't wait to see more sock pictures :)
You are so organized! I have a few UFO's and I'm bringing them to the yarn swap. I have no desire to finish any of them! So, at least you intend to finish knitting yours!
What are you making with the Noro?
Wow, I'm jealous--I had to make an entire gallery of my WIPS! I could never get them in one frame!
Nice socks!
What are you making for Gracie?
Very nice sock, great colours and the pattern looks so neat! Would be perfect for me ;-)
haha! the 80's in New England was a sight to behold! oh cool, your hosting seretpal, i think i'm going to sign up this time around:) ps. your knitting is beautiful!
ooohhh! love that sock! you have a very lucky pal:)
I love the socks! What pattern did you use for them!?
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