Monday, August 22, 2005

Thank yous!

I have 2 very important thank you's to make. One to my SP Angel from Canada (still trying to figure out who you are from your clues) - I got your package on Saturday and have been very sick with some sort of death bed illness. I was so happy to open a package with stickers - for the kids~ and oh so adorable, 2 stitch markers (one winnie the pooh and one a little sheepie ~ both of which my children have already tried to hijack, a cute accessory case, 2 balls of rowan cotton tape in my favorite color~how did you know I've been wanting to try that?, book mark, a handmade card, and a hank of plymouth fantasy naturale.... THANK YOU!!!!
Then, this afternoon, after coming back from the Doctor's (routine for Gracie & T~ because a mom never, ever takes care of herself) There was a box in my Mailbox. I almost ripped it out of the post trying to get it out. I know, I know, y'all want pictures...I promise next post, trying to feel better! And this box was loaded with goodies too. Now mind you, you both would have gotten your own posts, had I been feeling better, and I am very sorry for that, because you both deserve it! This box was from a secret pal angel from MN aka...knitty critter.
I know, I know, get to the good stuff, what was in the box, you dope...Alright here goes:
4 skeins of Gedifra Gigante, lovingly handled by a little boy learning to knit ;), 2 balls of Cascade fixation ( I think I am going to make D, A & Gracie socks), A cute flip flop key chain, 2 balls of Muench Touch Me ~ OMG soooo soft, with a worming warning, easily fixed by washing & drying ~ An 8x10 Magnet Board~I soooo needed this for my Estonian Wrap~ and a chicks with sticks notepad!

I really want you both to know, from the bottom, deepest depths of my heart, that you both made me feel special and worthy ~ in case you hadn't noticed, I'd been a little down ~ I know what it takes to be an angel, because I have been for this round of SP and other swaps. Thank you so much, for taking the time to get to know me a bit, on such short notice. Words just can't express the gratitude I feel. Let me also tell you that there isn't one thing in either package that I don't absolutely love! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you Rox, for facilitating the Angels and for allowing me to be an angel and a friend. I hope this next round will be as lovely as this one (long term)

P.S. I haven't replied to comments and fully intend to in the next couple of days, Thanks for your patience.**

Christine, I hope you're feeling better! I'm so glad you decided to host SP6 even after needing an angel this round. And glad you got some killer goodies :)

How do you do the word verfication on your comments?? That seems much easier than having to approve all the commenters like I've been doing.
Glad you liked it! The Touch Me is really soft, isn't it? I made a chemo cap for a friend out of it and plan to make a scarf for myself with some I have on hand. It's like knitting with clouds.
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