Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I messed up the comments

I hope this works... I tried to get rid of Haloscan and now I have no comments...Geesh

Edited to add: Does anyone know how to fix this???????? Never mind, fixed it by changing templates!

Hi Girl Friend! Hope you're feeling better. Don't worry about D wanting to spend Xmas in AZ. It's not the company it's the new and exciting...ie: plan trip, eating out, going places. Of course they're going to do those things with her, they only see her once every 6 years? Anyway, if you need an ear to bend feel free to call at anytime. I'm usually up till 2am anyway.

I found a website offering Amber Alert Ticker. Thought you might be interested. Here's the address: http://codeamber.org/web_ticker_code.html

Later! Lor
canada, reading the writing on the sticker package and think about where the card is from.... more clues as to who I am...give it a go and if you still can't do it I will give you somemore clues later.
your Canadain SP angel
I'll have to go blog hunting with my clues today! Because I obviously must read your blog! No time now, but I will have some later!
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